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HSO Business School Training


Silicon Valley Immersion Program


February 25th-March 1st, 2019


C-level Executives of HSO,  Switzerland


Silicon Valley, CA, USA


What Customers Asked​

HSO needed a program whose sessions would be varied enough to satisfy a large group with participants from varied backgrounds, but which would also be of interest to everyone. The team were very much looking for a future-facing program, that would provide a broad education in digital transformation, covering everything from emerging technologies to business models to corporate culture.

What We Did

SVIC built a four-day immersion program for HSO that covered a range of topics including innovation management, platformification, artificial intelligence and design thinking. The program, though wide-ranging in its content, was at the same time very much focused on the future of business, and sought to help the HSO group understand how the changes taking place today will affect them going forward.

Results & Outcomes

The HSO executives met many of Silicon Valley’s most most famous companies and some of its most disruptive. This gave the group first-hand insights into how the digital economy is evolving and what its impact will be on their businesses in the coming years. Participants came away with a practical understanding of key digital transformation concepts such as customer centricity and disruptive innovation.

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