Accelerate Your
Corporate Innovation
with Technology Scouting

A Simple Way To Find and Evaluate Technologies and Expertise

What Is Technology Scouting?

SVIC Technology Scouting program combines in-depth knowledge of market trends, emerging technologies and strong relationships with Silicon Valley startups, hi-tech companies, research universities, incubators, and R&D and innovation labs to provide our clients with early access to technology and innovation.

Why Do Technology Scouting

Understand the impact of the latest technology and market trends.
Learn from the start-ups and renowned companies about the most promising solutions for your business.
Identify the right innovation partners.
Drive technology innovation and beat your competitors by sourcing the technologies of the future.

We Will

Use proven scouting techniques, sophisticated search tools, and our vast connections to start-ups, research centers, experts and established innovative companies.
Scout the technology markets to identify the best opportunities and the latest trends relevant to your business.
Vet the best tech prospects and providers that meet your corporate innovation goals and present the most promising opportunities.
Facilitate engagement by organizing pitches, showcases and executive briefings with prospects and experts.
Create a one-time or regular report with analysis and metrics.

Why Silicon Valley Innovation Center

A wide and deep network of business, development and technology experts from Silicon Valley tech companies, innovation labs, leading universities and startups.
A community of industry experts and Ph.D. level analysts who stay ahead of the latest emerging market trends and disruptive technologies.
Located in Silicon Valley, the undisputed world center of technology innovation.

Success Stories

Technology Scouting & Showcase For Tetra Pak

Technology Scouting & Showcase For Tetra Pak

SVIC organized a private startup showcase for TetraPak based on its unique innovation challenges and interest areas.
Technology Scouting & Showcase For TeamViewer

Technology Scouting & Showcase For TeamViewer

SVIC brought together TeamViewer and Silicon Valley tech startups at a private pitch designed to foster innovation collaboration.
Technology Scouting & Showcase For IAG

Technology Scouting & Showcase For IAG

SVIC organized startup showcase for IAG and helped them to find new tech startups that are disrupting insurance industry right now.

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