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The Future Belongs To Cities

About the Past, Webinar

Over half the world’s population lives in an urban setting and in the next 20 years another two billion will join them. Whether it is generating GDP or the addressing our climate crisis, the center of power and possibilities will be in our cities. Technology will play a significant role in how we all address the significant challenges and opportunities ahead. This webinar will explore these topics and empower the attendee to think about what action they might take.

You'll Learn

  • What are the urban challenges and opportunities ahead
  • How might we solve these issues?
  • What are the social good and economic opportunities available?



Dr. Jonathan ReichentalTechnology Leader And Professor

About Our Guest

Dr. Jonathan Reichental is an award-winning technology leader and professor. He has worked extensively in both the private and public sectors. Recently his leadership and teaching focus has been on areas such as urban innovation, blockchain technology, and the fourth industrial revolution.
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