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What Is Executive Speaking?

Are you looking for an opportunity to help build your personal brand? Do you want to promote your company while exploring new business ventures? All of this and more is possible when you become an executive speaker.

As a member of this select club you’ll share practical tools with business leaders to help their enterprises achieve growth and innovation. You’ll shape the debate around topics like corporate culture and new technology implementation, all the while imparting knowledge and facilitating an open exchange of ideas.

Taking on the role of executive speaker is not just about giving presentations; it means  becoming a thought leader to the some of the world’s most influential corporations.

Why Speak to Executives?

Build your connections with top decision-makers, corporate customers and investors

Embedded in Silicon Valley for over a decade, we occupy a unique position inside the innovation ecosystem. We have built up an extensive network that includes many of the world’s most prominent business leaders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and technologists. The strength and depth of those connections are why our clients –  some of the world’s biggest corporations – turn to us for guidance on how they can deliver on their innovation agendas. These established enterprises are constantly searching for the technologies, ideas and people that can take their business forward, stave off disruption and help them enter new markets.

As an executive speaker with us you will interact directly with these organizations. You’ll help them realize their innovation goals and act as a trusted advisor and expert consultant. Through our range of speaking events you’ll enjoy a multitude of opportunities to develop your business.

How Does It Work?

If you can “sell” them your vision, they will come to buy your product

Our speaking opportunities include:


One Day Hands-On Workshops

Share your knowledge and help corporations develop the key skills they need to succeed at innovation.


Expert Discussion Panels

Discuss and debate the implications for business of technologies like AI and IoT and dive in to their practical applications.


Networking Events

Meet other SVIC speakers in a relaxed atmosphere and expand your personal network.


Online Expert Talks

Join a video interview or webinar to discuss the latest innovation trends and disruptive technologies with our audience.

Our Recent Speakers

Trusted advisory and innovation leadership to the world’s corporations

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Low tolerance for risk, inflexible organizational structures and lengthy chains of command all contribute to difficulties corporations face when it comes to successful innovation.

Pavel Cherkashin

Managing Partner, Mindrock Capital

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The first wave of big-name, “unicorn” tech companies have come of age and many are now going public. For venture capitalists, the question is: where will the next billion-dollar businesses come..

Pierre Rogers

PuroTrader, Venture Investor And Founder

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The digital age is driving retailers and brands to not only rethink how they do marketing, but to rethink their entire business model. This is visible in market after market where the smartphone…

Aprajita Jain

Google, Brand And Digital Marketing Evangelist

What Our Speakers Say

“SVIC is a fascinating new hub for entrepreneurs, innovators, and all those keen to follow new developments and trends. My talks and seminars there based on my innovation books with IDEO have impressed me with the enthusiasm and talent of the attendees, and the quality of the participating companies. Ideally located in San Mateo in an appealing space, SVIC is an excellent forum to exchange ideas. It’s a great way to expand your network.”
Jonathan Littman
Founder,, USA
“I just wanted to say that it was a really great event top to bottom. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of it”.
Brett Noyes
Managing Partner ,, USA
“The team at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) is very well connected locally in the Silicon Valley and also brings their multi-national team together to bridge Silicon Valley to reputable leaders around the world."
Andrew Romans
Co-founder, Rubicon Venture Capital, USA

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