Does It Make Us More Secure?


Date: August 27th, 12PM PDT

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Creating virtual identity based on the biological features can benefit businesses from employee verification to customer recongition. Attend our event to connect with the leading Silicon Valley companies and get an unbiased view on most pressing issues:

Better Products

Learn how recognizing your customer can lead to tailored marketing, higher sales and better internal proccesses. 

Security & Privacy

Engage with leading companies that create solutions that decrease risks and provide safer customer & employee experience.

COVID Reality

Discover solutions that emerged in this year that will perpetuate into the future creating healthier and more efficient envrionments.

Strategy & Tactics

Get practical overview of what you need to onboard facial recognition in your business and maximize ROI of new technoloies.


Discuss the alternatives and variants of facial recognition that can help your enterprise today to transform internally and externally.

FR Ecosystem

Hear from leading network and hardware providers on infrastructure that can glue different use cases together and bring immediate value.

Live and Online for Maximum Flexibility

100+ participants

Join the curated group of global executives and business owners

5 Live Sessions + Q&A

Connect with renowned experts and get your questions answered

Action-Packed Content

Get a comprehensive overview and actionable steps for your use case.

Get the maximum benefits if you are:

Evaluate the opportunities that FR can create for your business and see if you can use it to gain a competitive edge today and tomorrow.

Corporate Executive

Experienced Manager

Business Owner

Discover the ways FR can increase revenue and lower expenses for your organization.

Create an actionable proposal on how FR can positively transform your line of business.

Learn most relevant approaches to creating new products, streamline processes and generate value.

Our speakers are trailblazing the facial recognition:

Hear from a diverse group of executives who will give you  wholistic view of facial recognition with focus on practical business cases and challenges you might face:

Mary Haskett

CEO/ Co-Founder

Speaking about:

  • Benefits and challenges of FR for businesses.
  • Technology needed for various applications
  • Onboarding FR technology: investments and returns.

Neal Reiter

Vice president

Speaking about:

  • Opportunities of facial recognition
  • Specifically tailored ads
  • Payments and thin file with FR

Andrew Bud CBE

CEO & Founder

Speaking about:

  • Facial recognition vs facial verification
  • Security, convenience, privacy
  • Digital identity in a post-COVID world: business and government

Matthew Windt

5G/MEC Early Product Development

Speaking about:

  • Mass Scale Face Recognition: Benefits and Challenges
  • Comparing FR with other less invasive technologies
  • 5G and Edge: Enabling Better FR

Speaking about:

  • Differentiation through a personalized user experience
  • Touchless check-in & social distancing alerts
  • Framework for protecting people's privacy

Panos Moutafis

CEO and Co-founder

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