DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION 4.0Leveraging Silicon Valley Experience to Create Explosive Growth Teams 

Custom training program for your team from leaders of innovative companies of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Innovation Center creates unique corporate training programs with experts from Silicon Valley's most innovative companies.

Strategic vision, practical skills and competencies to build highly productive teams

Any manager understands that only practical experience enables the most effective solution to the modern problems facing the company. Developing such an experience on your own is a long and expensive journey with unknown results. The optimal solution is to learn from people who have already successfully implemented it and offer best-practice leadership development.

Personalized and Interactive

Exclusive Sessions

We create a custom programs to meet particular skill-based and technology needs for your business or organization

Practical Knowledge

All our programs focused on the promotion of practical knowledge. Interact directly with entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. No professors and theorists.


Acquire a long-term competitive advantage with the best strategies, techniques and tools for the effective development of your leadership.

Leadership Business Community

Become a part of the Silicon Valley business community. Maintain and develop business contacts with experts after graduation.

Silicon Valley Innovation Center

We help global corporations accelerate innovation by connecting them with Silicon Valley technology companies, industry experts and startups.

We Are Trusted By World’s Leading Companies 

Some of Our Industries and Corporate Training Topics


  • Exponential Organizations
  • Promising business models
  • Business intelligence
  • Predictive analytics
  • AI and risk management

Innovation Development

  • Innovation Investment Efficiency
  • Business Process Automation
  • Robotic process automation
  • Blockchain
  • Implementing Artificial Intelligence


  • Flexible staff management
  • Talent Management
  • Creating Remote Workforce
  • Creating Internal Startups
  • Intangible remuneration
  • Employee Intangible Reward


  • Creating a Financial Ecosystem
  • Digitalization of Financial Services
  • Mobile Banking
  • Blockchain as a key Security Solution
  • Client Data Monetization


  • Digital Marketing
  • Modern CRO Strategies
  • Marketing 2.0, team building
  • Project Marketing, Opportunity Matrix
  • New Lead Generation Techniques


  • Automation and Efficiency
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Sales Outsourcing
  • Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • Competition with low-cost Companies


  • Supply Chain Digitalization
  • Risk Management and Supply Chain Sustainability
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Supply Chain Process
  • Using SaaS in Logistics
  • Supply Chain Visualization


  • Web Analysis: Data Quality Management
  • Data Research / Visualization
  • Forecasting Tools
  • Augmented Business Intelligence 
  • Data Driven Culture


  • Industry 4.0: First Results
  • Process monitoring and Machine Learning
  • Increased Productivity through AR/VR Solutions
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Robotic Warehousing: Unmanned Inventory

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Technology innovation landscape changes at breakneck speed. Gain clarity on how to set the right priorities and never miss opportunities presented by disruptive innovations. Get the strategic framework to help your company grow, digitally transform to stay ahead of the curve of future disruptions. Discover how Silicon Valley is uniquely positioned to help.



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Gain clarity on how to set the right priorities and not let cost-cutting derail your digital transformation strategy. Find out which digital initiatives will help your company grow when everyone is falling, how to optimize costs and redeploy resources so that you don’t just “manage” the crisis but become stronger because of it. See how to turn disruption into the opportunity and become the leaders of innovation through the economic downturn, rather than merely effective managers of the downside.



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Change is continuous. The Digital Society means that organizations are constantly working to stay abreast of emerging technologies, trends and disruption. CIOs uniquely can lead digital transformation and position their organizations to get ahead of constant change. In this virtual discussion, we dive in into the growing digital challenges and opportunities facing organizations like yours, and more importantly, what leaders can do to solve them.



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