We match leading corporations
with the world’s best technologies

Results should be achieved in months, not years

In 3 months, we perform a customized global technology search, curate down to a short list of finalists, and deliver technology solutions from the world’s most innovative companies.


Create Instant, Measurable Impact

We focus on late-stage technology partners that have a proven track record of success and whose solutions can be immediately implemented.

Cut through the Red Tape

While accelerator programs and M&A are important parts of the innovation portfolio, sourcing technologies through strategic vendor relationships allows you to deliver results quickly without all the red tape.

Higher Returns on your Budget

Avoid long-term, high-cost integrations by working with companies that have proven technology that is compatible with your market and technology architecture.

Tangible Deliverables

1. Technology & Trends Report

Our consultants’ findings include a segmentation of similar solutions, trend analyses, and actionable insights

2. Database of Vendor Profiles

Searchable online database of hundreds of global technology companies that match your initial search criteria

3. Showcase of “The Short List”

Meetings between your key deciders and the highly-curated finalists that best solve your business needs

4. Signed Pilot Agreements

Pilot agreements from your approved strategic vendors detailing timelines and specific deliverables

How It Works

We discover highly qualified matches by leveraging our unique access to global thought leaders, venture capital and private equity to provide you with the broadest, fund-agnostic technology partners.

1. Competitive Landscape Report
We deliver a comprehensive competitive landscape report that identifies which startups are disrupting your industry and show you where your competitors are making their investments.
2. Technology Research
Our experts work with your team to identify the trends and technologies most relevant to your business and provide a comprehensive map of existing solutions, eliminating technological “blind spots.”
3. Technology Scouting
Our team provides an extensive global search of the best solutions. We then curate a list of select vendors bringing only the most promising solutions based upon your company’s needs.
4. Vendor Selection
We perform several rounds of diligence and guide your company through selecting the key vendors that want to partner with you.
5. Formalized Engagements
We deliver formalized Letters of Intent that describe the next stages of piloting and integration.

“68% of the top 100 companies from the Forbes Global 500 are engaging with startups” – INSEAD

Success Stories

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 7.37.56 PM

Nissan LATAM


Who: Chairman, Nissan LATAM

Problem: Discover new relevant technologies, support innovation at Nissan Innovation Center LATAM and Nissan Venture Fund

Solution: Engagement with internal Innovation teams, Startup Partnerships

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 7.54.35 PM

Insurance Australia Group


Who: IAG’s BOD and CxO

Problem: Discover new technologies rapidly shaping the insurance industry

Solution: Technology and Competitive Landscape Report, Startup Selection


Thomson Reuters


Who: GGO (Global Growth Organization)

Problem: Discover new relevant technology related to TR’s digital transformation agenda

Solution: Selection of Startup Partnerships

Our Clients

Since 2011, we have enabled over 200 of the largest global corporations to partner with the
world’s most innovative technology companies


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