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“I think it’s important to be in the center of it talking to people because your mind starts to be creative and then you have different questions than if you just sit down and watch.”

“I’m here is really to gain a lot of learning, to gain a lot of insights, make really good connections. I mean, this is the place to be in terms of technology and where you want to drive innovation forward and to see what’s up-and-coming from a technology perspective, so some of the key things that I was interested in. And the reason why I’m here is researching, really, to see what are the new trends in technology. We all talk about machine learning, we all talk about AI, and IoT, and so forth, but it’s really, How do we leverage those for our application and for our business? But where are they at in terms of development? And what partners are here and FinTechs and small startups that are doing interesting stuff in that space that can accelerate your strategy forward and your business forward with you, that you can partner with potentially?”

“It’s been a successful business in the last 30 years but, as the whole world is there waiting to understand in which direction to go to be innovative, we thought, “Let’s stop and understand what we want to do.” So coming here, Silicon Valley, of course, is known around the world to be one of the places where innovation starts and where innovation is something that you can really touch with your hand. So we thought, “Let’s have a quick trip there and try to get the right mindset to get this going.”

“On behalf of the Egyptian Banking Institute – Central Bank of Egypt, we would like to express our appreciation for the very successful and informative 4 rounds of the “Navigating FinTech Disruption” tours, that was conducted to several groups of Egyptian bankers during this year; specifically in March, April, June and November 2018.

We appreciate the time that had been dedicated from your side in securing well prepared and organized sessions, which were definitely of an added value and were reflected into a constructive and fruitful output to all participants.

Special thanks and gratitude to all SVIC staff for their professionalism and dedication, that was reflected into the superior quality of work delivered. Dedicated time and efforts to support these tours are highly valued, and looking forward to more fruitful cooperation in the future.”

“I have been spending days in Silicon Valley visiting companies and listening to lectures. So what I learned during this week – first, all these technologies that I was learning in my country but I didn’t really know what is; now I have a much better idea of what AI is, what is Deep Learning and new digital transformation like blockchain. Second, how people are implementing all these changes and how it is critical to making it happen. There are the 2 key takeaways and hopefully, it will be useful for me when I will get back home. Thank you.”

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