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“I think it’s important to be in the center of it talking to people because your mind starts to be creative and then you have different questions than if you just sit down and watch.”

“I’m here is really to gain a lot of learning, to gain a lot of insights, make really good connections. I mean, this is the place to be in terms of technology and where you want to drive innovation forward and to see what’s up-and-coming from a technology perspective, so some of the key things that I was interested in. And the reason why I’m here is researching, really, to see what are the new trends in technology. We all talk about machine learning, we all talk about AI, and IoT, and so forth, but it’s really, How do we leverage those for our application and for our business? But where are they at in terms of development? And what partners are here and FinTechs and small startups that are doing interesting stuff in that space that can accelerate your strategy forward and your business forward with you, that you can partner with potentially?”

“It’s been a successful business in the last 30 years but, as the whole world is there waiting to understand in which direction to go to be innovative, we thought, “Let’s stop and understand what we want to do.” So coming here, Silicon Valley, of course, is known around the world to be one of the places where innovation starts and where innovation is something that you can really touch with your hand. So we thought, “Let’s have a quick trip there and try to get the right mindset to get this going.”

“On behalf of the Egyptian Banking Institute – Central Bank of Egypt, we would like to express our appreciation for the very successful and informative 4 rounds of the “Navigating FinTech Disruption” tours, that was conducted to several groups of Egyptian bankers during this year; specifically in March, April, June and November 2018.

We appreciate the time that had been dedicated from your side in securing well prepared and organized sessions, which were definitely of an added value and were reflected into a constructive and fruitful output to all participants.

Special thanks and gratitude to all SVIC staff for their professionalism and dedication, that was reflected into the superior quality of work delivered. Dedicated time and efforts to support these tours are highly valued, and looking forward to more fruitful cooperation in the future.”

“I have been spending days in Silicon Valley visiting companies and listening to lectures. So what I learned during this week – first, all these technologies that I was learning in my country but I didn’t really know what is; now I have a much better idea of what AI is, what is Deep Learning and new digital transformation like blockchain. Second, how people are implementing all these changes and how it is critical to making it happen. There are the 2 key takeaways and hopefully, it will be useful for me when I will get back home. Thank you.”

“It was a very great opportunity to come to Silicon Valley. We got to see a lot of startups and how they work, how they innovate their solutions. We got to see a lot of companies and we can use these new technology/ build/or co-create a use case with them. So it’s a really great opportunity to come here. Thank you.”

“I have been here for 2 days and it was really very interesting, very informative and very well organized. Thank you so much for that and hope to see you again in other events and seminars. Thank you.”

“Learning how innovation and entrepreneurship work in today’s fast-moving business world was the key objective for over 60 Brazilian executives when they joined SVIC for a one-day immersion program in Silicon Valley.”

“José Miguel Pérez, Director Comercial at BMI Companies, Ecuador shares his views about his experience at Silicon Valley. He attended the Silicon Valley Immersion Program.”

“Nicolas Toth Managing Director Latin America shares his views about his experience at Silicon Valley. He attended the Leading Digital Transformation Program. He found it beyond his expectations.”

“Jojo Guingao Chief Digital Officer Aboitiz Equity Venture, USA shares his views about his experience at Silicon Valley. He attended the Leading Digital Transformation Program. He found it beyond his expectations.”

“Andre Cabral, Marketing Director at Phillips, Spain shares his views about his experience at Silicon Valley. He attended the Leading Digital Transformation Program. He found it beyond his expectations.”

“See Erica Virgili, SC Director at Unilever Brasil, share her views on her experience at Leading Digital Transformation Program. She is completely satisfied with what the program had to offer.”

“See Robert Jenkis, Director – Process Optimisation at Westpac Australia, share his views on his experience at Silicon Valley Navigating FinTech Disruption Program. He is completely satisfied with what the program had to offer.”

“See Cristina Caballe, Executive Director at IBM, Spain, share her views on her experience at Silicon Valley Navigating FinTech Disruption Program. She is completely satisfied with what the program had to offer.”

“Three days of visiting Silicon Valley have been rewarding – we visited interesting places where we pick up several ideas to work on as soon as we get back home. The quality of young owners back home is also talented so they can grow and become a big player in the market.”

“The whole world is at the 4th Industrial revolution and we as Nigerians believe we should not just follow, we should be active participants at the forefront and that’s is what we are bringing home. We got a very wonderful reception and support. Thank you very much for contributing to the realization of our country.”

“Our trip to Silicon Valley particularly arranged by SVIC was very good. We learned a couple of new concepts and new tools for looking at the organization and see the connection between the digital transformation and our current state and where we think we should be and where we hope to be pretty soon.”

Zena, Business Student, Tania Zambon University: “Here in Silicon Valley, we can realize that SV business models are ahead of what we have in Brazil, so we can go back to Brazil and bring those new tools to our companies.”
Luiz Felipe Durand De Oliveira, Director, Durand Clinica: “The most important thing I learn is how companies excellent treat people ( employees).”
Michel Bez Birolo, Administrative Officer at IBRAP Industria De Aluminio E Plastico: “The part that impresses me the most is how simple you can make the rules of strategy that’s totally oriented to the customers – we need to do faster and try again, rebuild and try again.”

“This 3-day program was very insightful, to see how important is for a person to find a purpose in the company especially with multidisciplinary skills and requirements such as me – going forward into the future.
This program was really great for me. I learned so much at HP Lab about tools and strategies that I can apply in my company.”

“My experience with this 3 days tour was an eye-opening, to say the least. It was great and create a fantastic perspective of where the world is going and how to make a forecast and prepare yourself for that.”

“This 3 days program has been very eye-opening for me. So I think that its something that young professionals should be exposed to so they can start to think in a way that aligns with the advanced part of the world. So we can have a level ground for everyone – where we do not have some countries that are behind and some advanced. I hope that we can bring more people in the future and get more gadgets, so we can have more exposure.”

“The tour I’ve been is just incredible. What I expected and what you see in live is just incredible. It’s amazing. I have to say if you get an opportunity to come and see then you should do it. It’s absolutely brilliant.”

“We’ve been to IBM and Google: incredible operations, we learned a lot from and very smart, smart people, the enormity of operations is incredible. What I would take back – the future and technologies we really need to embrace this technology. Thank you.”

“We saw Fintech today and payments. We saw payment world is transforming very very rapidly, all of the visits were very interesting experiences, some of them are immediate applications for Santander globally and particularly in Mexico. Thank you very much, we are looking forward to the next steps and follow on these conversations. Thank you”

“I found this event is very useful for me because it gives a lot of insights into technologies, high tech, and I have a lot of insights on how to bring this innovation to our bank. I personally feel it will be a great shift for our bank to adopt those technologies.”

“For 2 days visit to Silicon Valley, I’ve been exposed to different and new experiences through visiting big companies. I can emphasize the different scope of how different technologies will change the future of banking system and economy. The second point is the role that technology will play to integrate the unpaired segment into the banking system and the whole ecosystem. The last point is the importance of startups and its vital for the future of any bank. Thank you.”

“We were able to meet with big giant tech companies, we were able to have deep dive discussion, and we also had a chance to meet FinTech startups that offer smart solutions to some of the banking problems that we faced. So far it’s been a good experience and we are lookgin forward to the coming days. Thank you.”

“Hi, my name is Kirit Patel, and I’m the Regional Managing Director for the EOH International. So we spent the whole week here in Silicon Valley. It’s been inspirational. It’s fantastic to see all of the innovation that is going on. It’s a very vibrant area, and I think seeing the different cultures and also the different approaches to innovation so yeah very motivational, certainly lots of learnings I’ll be taking back and sharing with my team back at home.”

“I’ve been on the EMEA innovation tour here in Silicon Valley all week. I think it’s very important for companies to have a chance to do something like this because you get a chance to get outside of your box, outside of your office and see what other companies are doing. I think one of the biggest takeaways that we all got from this week was the creativity that so many companies embody. It’s just so refreshing to acquire other companies’ takes on everything from HR to marketing techniques and then to the technologies, so, you know we learned about all different sides of the business, not just innovation, even operational models. So we learned how to fail quickly, to fail often and to take chances, and to think outside of the box. So every company needs to take the time to open your mind and see what else is out there.”

“Hi I’m Veronique Hangard from France for SAP France, and I’m very happy with the tour that we did. It’s amazing and a lot of visits. Lots of companies to discover the way about innovation but also on all the dimensions of leadership, the people management, the technology, a complete tour. Thank you so much.”

“First of all, many thanks for the experience, it was an excellent day. I leave with all the learnings of the different companies that we have managed to visit throughout our program. In particular, I think that the one thing that was very important is the mixture of companies and content available through the program. The high synergy of the program with our business provides us with a lot of possibilities of growth. It is essential to have these contacts and see the latest technologies (innovation) to understand the ecosystem of Silicon Valley and be able to adapt to it.”

“The experience of being here in SV, of visiting companies from different industries, with a mentality of abundance, a mindset with a collaborative culture, really helps you to open up the worldwide view that you can have of how to approach certain things, in your collaboration with your customers, your collaborators, your partners. We have had a fantastic day, from the topics of how algorithms work, AI, state of the art, the importance of generating innovation within industries, which is the complexity that large companies have in innovating. We also had a great ending, with a very nice company that has created a model that fascinated us that is 1: 1: 1, Salesforce, of how its employees spend 1% of volunteering for social issues, 1% of the income of the company for scholarships, and the other 1% for social projects. So we’ve seen a mix of culture methodologies that if you do not visit Silicon Valley, you could not understand it.”

“I think it was fantastic to be able to be here in Silicon Valley because Silicon Valley is all about latest technologies which make it a unique experience. Visiting Salesforce, SVIC, Google, Amazon WeWork was an amazingly immersive experience – brings us closer to the new near future and innovation. This is the experience that every business person should do. Thank you”

“We had an amazing experience and amazing journey that in any way cannot be quantified in terms of impact. The experience has been immense: we are planning to come back here next year because this is the place to be. Thank you SVIC: great speakers and great companies. “

“We decided to come to Silicon Valley to see an ongoing change and disruption in main areas to make necessary adjustments to our strategy. We met an extraordinary people in terms of perception, vision, people who create things and changes. Reading is one thing, but seeing and feeling, asking questions make this experience unique, something that is giving you the boost in doing something new and avoid mistakes.”

“I just attended the webinar with Tristan Kromer and loved it. I’m hoping to get a list of other upcoming webinars from your site.”

“It’s been a great week, and a fantastic program focused on Silicon Valley innovation and specifically innovation in AgriTech. Great learnings, great insights, and great fun. We had a great time and really had our minds opened to the full range of opportunities to improve our business.”

“The week in Silicon Valley exceeded my expectations. We were able to feel, touch and have a real look at what the future will look like. The people we met were so competent, transparent. The program was a unique opportunity for us to have a 360 degree of what is going on in our industry and what we can expect in the next 18-20 months.”

“The program made by SVIC was a great experience. We read about Silicon Valley, we hear about innovation challenge, speed, disruption, and when you come here and see the real ideas, the real innovation, and real people, it validates everything. You leave with a sense of being a part of something to go forward and make changes in your company with confidence.”

“This program is an excellent opportunity to get an idea of what is going on in Silicon Valley and experience it firsthand.  The program exceeded my expectations: fantastic content, set of companies, VCs, and startups.”

“Thank you SVIC for this great week. I like to be the part of the program and the group. The program was very intense and impressive: great speakers and good choice of companies. For me, it was a really successful week.”

“We got a chance to join Silicon Valley for one week and meet with innovative companies and startups, and to have a view on the future. We are happy to make this experience: Excellent for team building and learnings.”

“The program made by SVIC was great: regarding looking at the new trends and what is going on, regarding innovation and digital transformation processes that you can apply inside your company. I was impressed by case studies that were so practical and gave us some new methodology that can improve our customer experience.”

“This is quite a new direction for us. We came here to Silicon Valley basically to find new ideas and to find what to do in the future, how to keep ideas, how to develop those ideas into something tangible and how to traction them, where do you find talent and how to engage them talent. So there are quite a lot of questions you need to answer in the modern business life. I like how it was organized, and I am planning to bring more customers here. It will be very beneficial for our customers, and I believe I can get some value for my company and my business as well.”

“We came to Silicon Valley to learn about how entrepreneurs are building new technologies, how corporations are transforming themselves through innovation and digital transformation and saw how the ecosystem works. We are happy with SVIC, they understood our strategy and built the agenda based on that. The program was very affected; my team was super happy.”

“We finished the full week of the financial immersion program here at SVIC. It was a great experience. We are facing digital transformation program in our company, so we were able to meet a lot of companies that are transforming their businesses in Silicon Valley in term of digitalization. I would recommend this kind of program to your company. It’s entirely new experience for us. Thank you SVIC for this opportunity.”

“The program by far excedded our expectations. On one side, we understood the culture here in Silicon Valley, and I think we need to implement that kind of culture at our comment, And also, we met a lot of specific companies that can be great partners for our projects.”

“I want to thank SVIC for an amazing program we are doing this week. It’s a second time we are doing the program: high potential people from different companies, we really enjoy it, fantastic experience! We learned a lot about how we can transform the customer experience. Everyone in the team is excited: every minute is super valuable in terms how much we learn and how much we interact, and it’s very valuable for us to understand how to run and support innovation.”

“We were here at Oracle – that was showing us the huge presentation on how new technologies are evolving, how it is impacting every business, and how we can work together to make it happen. We saw the culture here and how the innovation is putting all the companies to make all products and learning occur.”

“Business is moving into the future, and honestly speaking, we were really surprised at what we have seen and companies we visited. I am really pleased and satisfied with an outcome.
We were on tour and are really happy. We met some high ranking founders, and people in those companies are really amazing. And the organization part was great; I would give a 10: the team was up there, fantastic support, the timing was right.
It was extremely good for people to be here to study new process and learn what we have to change for the future.”

“This week we spent with our business partners from Germany and Austria in California. I think it was an awesome experience and it was nice to see the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem. One of the key takeaways for me is how ideas are born in Silicon Valley, and how they are taking into curation and executed. It will be very interesting to see how we can bring this new startup mentality and scale it to replicable business model. Visiting such companies as Google and Linkedin is always inspiring. I would recommend everybody to make this trip because it opens your eyes and mind.”

“I came here to Silicon Valley to explore innovation and new ideas, specifically around logistics and operations. It’s been a really interesting trip. We have seen all types of different innovative companies, and we have been introduced into markets that define the public transportation. It has been overall a great trip and learning experience.”

“Thank you so much for an excellent program and successful immersion experience with SVIC. We were pleasantly surprised with what we were able to achieve and what we are going to achieve. The program was very well structured, and the choice of organizations from Silicon Valley was very well thought through. Thank you.”

“I’ve been lucky to be here in Silicon Valley. It’s been amazing: different business, progressive organizations, its just being fantastic. So I’ve got to say big thank you to SVIC – it’s been nothing but the best. Once I put all my thoughts in place, I’d like to bring my staff in the future and return myself.”

“I spent one week in Silicon Valley: it was really interesting, and I got to know all the new technologies that will impact the business of the future. I recommend to visit Silicon Valley and visit all these different companies and meet different people to understand what is happening and how it will affect your industry.”

“I came to Silicon Valley Innovation Center to understand a bit more about data and how I can implement innovation into my business. And I got both of those on a big scale, way more then I expected. I would like to be back again in 24 months to do the same. I was particularly interested in machine learning element; it’s not a just simply displaying a database it’s actually making a database telling you the things that will be important in the future. But really what I got: don’t be afraid todo things and fail fast.”

“I am very thankful to SVIC for organizing this one-week event. It was very helpful to get to know VCs who are investing in new digital technologies, entrepreneurs who are is building these technologies and large companies that are already applying it.”

“Thank you for your great job. The program was very well designed and executed: bringing different elements of Silicon Valley innovation culture, meetings, company visits, and startup showcases.  The key takeaway of the program : understand how can startups and corporates work together and create partnerships where both sides can benefit.”

“It’s my second trip like this to SIlicon Valley. This time we have been more focused on tech startups influencing our current and future growth, and the industry in general. We found some great startups to work with, that inspired us, challenged us and our thinking. We are so very happy with the program. Thank you very much. “

“We came across this program from SVIC. I was not sure what I was going to get through the program, but I intended to learn more about Silicon Valley ecosystem. We are on the 5th day of the program, and I am completely enjoying it. Lots of takeaways that I will use and can apply for my company. It was a very diversified program: I got access not only to practitioners but people from the academic field as well. We got to know Silicon Valley thought technology thought leaders that shared with us first-hand insights, access to the right people, and new technologies that are coming. I enjoyed the program and would recommend it to individuals who are not from Silicon Valley and want to get a very compact overview of what is going on in Silicon Valley.”

“I have come here to Silicon Valley Innovation Center to have a look forward and see what is coming. I have enjoy getting to know how is it here and being able to build up this relationship, whether it was HP or Upwork: each experience has felt personal and has felt like it’s curated to maximize of what we were looking for in case of research. It’s really up to you to define what you want this experience to be. I recommend this experience highly enough and looking forward to coming back.”

“The disruption in Silicon Valley is the big difference then what we saw before: many big companies were doing B2C disruption, and we see a lot more B2B disruption, a lot of technologies: FinTech, Legal Tech, RegTech – that’s radically changing how professional are going to work in the future and its happening now.”

“This week with Silicon Valley Innovation Center was a real experience. A great mix between academic and real world lessons. We have a lot of opportunities for networking with people from different companies and get a lot of tools and new methodology that you can apply in your organization.”

“Firstly, I’d like to thank Silicon Valley Innovation Center for the last week: I learned so much, and it’s the other way how Silicon Valley thinks. We met with Google, Tesla, Black Swan and many other companies and each have some great insights into business, and so much digital transformation is going on. I got a lot of new ideas that now I can apply to my own business.”

“We visited Silicon Valley Innovation Center as an exercise for opening our minds to learn how we might innovate and disrupt our business. And I would have to say, mission accomplished. The mindset of Silicon Valley is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my 40-year career. Every place we visited had this intellectual and business-oriented approach to problem solving and innovation.”

“We came from Europe to learn about what is happening in Silicon Valley. I enjoyed it a lot: getting insights on startups and how that works and also looking a little bit beyond the horizon of what is going next. As a company, we value a lot of what we do today, and we know pretty well what we do tomorrow. But getting insights and getting an open mind of what is after tomorrow is the biggest value of this trip.”

“Thank you SVIC. During the past two days of the program, we got some insights and visited many companies. What I appreciate a lot – is a mix of different experiences and visiting innovative companies to see how they are physically organized to inspire innovation. “

“The program made by SVIC was a great experience. We read about Silicon Valley, we hear about innovation challenge, speed, disruption, and when you come here and see the real ideas, the real innovation, and real people, it validates everything. You leave with a sense of being a part of something to go forward and make changes in your company with confidence.”

“The quality of both speakers and startups were really by far exceeding my expectations. There is a lot of discussions about the future of payments here and lots of companies that are transforming the global payment system. I would really recommend to everybody to attend the SVIC program. Another thing that you can feel here is the pace of changes that are happening.”

“It was a really interesting program for me. This program is not only about visiting start-ups, but a touch of Silicon Valley culture. It’s interesting for vision, new technologies, new approaches in Fintech. I highly recommend attending this program.”

“It’s been a great week, and a fantastic program. A lot of new skills, knowledge and new models, that I will use in my company.”

“We’re here today bringing along some inspiring innovative leaders to Silicon Valley to get them to get an experience of and help and networking around, and how to make the best decisions within their organizations as entrepreneurs. There were some great takeouts and some really great examples of how to navigate organizations over the next 2-3 years.”

“It’s my first time to San Francisco and the Valley. Even though I heard a lot about it, read a lot about it, google it if you like, it doesn’t compare to coming here and actually meeting people, hearing the stories, and really get observed into that stories.
We came with a few things we wanted to achieve: how can we build an innovation culture, how we can positively contribute to our ecosystem: what are the things we need to start or finish: how do we use water for example, and how do we look into environmental monitoring on app, and how we can use drones and the whole range of other technologies.”

“I came to Silicon Valley to understand the environment and ecosystem, to get some insights perspectives of what is going on in the finance industry. We met over 20 companies in a range of 5 days, learning different aspects of FinTech – new ideas, a potential disruption that might come to the market, key learnings on corporate innovation. It was a fantastic program and I would recommend it to anyone who’d like to learn about the next FinTech revolution”

“We have decided to come to Silicon Valley as many other companies that are looking to change, and we came here to get inspired. A lot of things we found here we were expected but also a lot of unexpected things. Certainly, we are coming back with a sense that we have a lot of opportunities but also have a lot to do.”

“I was looking to learn more about digital transformation, and I found it with SIlicon Valley Innovation Center program. These are the three key takeaways: 1) You are in touch with real innovation environment, and able to see many people who are thinking differently about innovation, who are full of new ideas, people that make you feel that future is here. And it’s going to happen. 2) Amazing speakers and topics: from AI, Machine Learning, and VR to Design Thinking and Corporate Innovation. 3) New tools and methodologies that you can directly apply into company processes. It was the great program, and I would do it again in the future.”

“The program was great and well organized. I’ve been here for a couple of days now, and for me, it was an opportunity to step out of day to day and look around to get a better perspective of what is going on around and try to see what do we need to do and what other companies are doing.”

“I came with Abdul Latif Jameel Company to visit Silicon Valley. I was impressed by what I have seen through this program. It was very informative, and eye opening. I am impressed with the majority of things we discussed, and new startups that will change the future of our industry and overall a human being. I will recommend to other companies to have such a trip to Silicon Valley.”

“We wanted to come to Silicon Valley and learn how companies innovate. We didn’t know how to do it, so we approached Silicon Valley Innovation Center that managed to connect us to numerous Silicon Valley organizations that opened our eyes to what is possible.”

“Thank you for organizing such a great program with useful and motivational meetings and relevant insights from the FinTech innovators of Silicon Valley.”

“Thank you SVIC. It’s been a busy and exciting week. You did a great job of speakers, content, and logistics.  Not only was it great to connect with the Silicon Valley companies, but also with some promising startups for future partnership and collaboration.”

“Thank you for such a great and inspiring week. With the opportunities that have been presented and the connections, I have made, I am taking away a lot of insights. I look forward to keeping in touch!”

“That was an amazing and inspiring program: Getting exposed to Silicon Valley environment and mindset, seeing all the different technologies and innovative organizations (startups and big corporation) supporting those technologies, and interact with Silicon Valley insiders on-site.”

“Our group just finished up the visit to Silicon Valley Innovation Center, and we had an outstanding time: resources were really good, you got a lot of takeaways, great companies. We are planning to bring more groups here.”

“It was a great pleasure for me to see all the companies and technologies, to learn what these companies are doing and to know how the future will lool like. The program was very useful, the engagement with companies we visited was great. Thank you.”

“We enjoyed the digital engagement tour a lot. I have to say that our week in San Francisco passed by at full speed.  I personally enjoyed most the sessions at Berkley, Bootup and Flex. The program overall was very inspiring and provided a lot of ideas for future business. Also the people within the group were very open and social to share experiences. Networking is also very important during such a trip. Thank you again for the organization and perhaps see you next year again for another inspiring tour.”

“On Behalf of Toyota Material Handling we would like to thank you for your warm welcome, your hospitality and all the information you shared with us during our visit. It has been a very interesting and memorable time listening and discover what is boiling in Silicon Valley; the ideas, the innovation, the spirit but also the challenges. We are looking forward to an opportunity to return your hospitality. We would highly appreciate to welcome you to one of our facilities in Europe or in the USA whenever it is on your way to share our story with you. We look forward to seeing you again and we wish you best luck for your journey. With best regards.”

“The experience was brilliant, and there are so many opportunities to be further explored. Thank you, SVIC, for your efforts and kindness during the trip, it was very evident that you worked with us to accommodate our needs along the way and you did it with grace! We’re looking forward to continuing the relationships and build on the experience.”

“I am very satisfied with SVIC Program. It was very intense and informative program covering different innovation topics. I hope we can join other SVIC programs in the future. “

“It was our first visit to Silicon Valley: a beautiful place full of innovative ideas and startups making the new future. Once back to my country, I will try to implement new management processes into my business.”

“That was my first time to Silicon Valley. The program was fantastic, the speakers were fascinating, and topics to discuss were fruitfull. I highly recommend other companies to come to Silicon Valley. Thank you SVIC.”

“Overall our winners had a wonderful experience getting to visit the tech giants of Silicon Valley and pass on their sincere thanks to you and the SVIC team. I think each of them took away some unique insights, furthered their knowledge and importantly also had fun.  The resounding highlight for the group was the visit to Airbnb”.

“Thank you so much for organizing such an engaging program for our group from Abdul Latif Jameel.  We thoroughly enjoyed exposure to the latest trends in the transportation industry, were fortunate to meet with the leading companies in the space and were truly inspired by Silicon Valley visionaries. The whole program was run smoothly and very professionally, in particular, that of the Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) which will help us to upgrade and strengthen our innovation strategy across our company.”

“I would like to thank SVIC for the great effort its team has made to make our visit to Silicon Valley successful. I think the two days we have spent in the prepared program, added a big value to the understanding of the future of automotive to every member of the team. Thank you to SVIC for the kind hospitability, and I hope that we will have another opportunity of cooperation in the future.”

“It was a really great week with lots of stuff to think about. I’m sure there will be some follow-up strategic outcomes. Thanks again for all your hard work”

“I want to thank SVIC for the program: great speakers, presentations, and insights, especially from Google, LinkedIn, and Mercedes. Also, the presentation by Robert Winter provided us with some unique information about Silicon Valley startup ecosystem: interesting topics and presentation styles.  It was a good experience to work with Silicon Valley Innovation Center!”

“Just wanted to share my experience:I think everyone who wants to immerse and experience the Silicon Valley should come here; Get some insights from how to start a startup to how to get funds. Just coming here, you already feel what changes you need to make and implement into your company.”

“Why am I here: First, I learned what the phases to develop disruptive models for my industry. Second – new criteria of Silicon Valley VCs and what they are looking for. Third – insight into industrial revolution 4.0 and also the IoT and how it will impact our future. Building a business its not about the present – it’s about your the future.”

“This is our first trip to Silicon Valley and when you start thinking about new technologies and directions -it begins here, and this is a completely different experience. When we want to move to innovation – this is what we are looking at Silicon Valley.I appreciate the support that was given by SVIC and the knowledge we gained during our short trip.”

“Thank you very much for the great organization and perfect logistics, we really enjoy our intense and productive time in Silicon Valley and we will come back for more soon for sure.”

“The Brazilian team was delighted with the visits to Silicon Valley companies. We were particularly interested in the presentation made at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center about Tesla and the Energy subject. Thank you SVIC for your support during our visit.”

“Thank you so much for a memorable and successful immersion experience with SVIC. The program was very well structured and the choice of organizations from SV was very well thought through. Thank you for the professional and friendly way SVIC went about shepherding us around the Valley and arranging the key introductions. I was pleased to receive the feedback – as I am sure other members of our party will be. I sincerely hope that our paths cross again soon and until then, I would like to wish SVIC continued success always.”

“Thank you SVIC team for the opportunity to be part of the Leading Digital Transformation.  It was quite intense and exciting program. All speakers (startups, VCs, accelerators, and corporate innovation labs) were excellent presenters with real practical knowledge. “

“The tour was fantastic and networking that we established here was great. This tour is more about the atmosphere – to see all these companies and people inventing and reinventing all these technologies is inspiring. Thank you SVIC.”

“It’s been a great week, and a fantastic program focused on Silicon Valley innovation and specifically innovation in AgriTech. We got a good mix of both. Great learnings, great insights, and great fun. We had a great time and really had our minds opened to the full range of opportunities to improve our business. Thanks again for all your time and excellent contacts across the valley and beyond. It made the trip very productive and valuable for all of us.”


“Many thanks for the great week. I enjoyed my visit to Silicon Valley. It was very inspiring. SVIC put a great program together. Thank you for making our visit a memorable event! I look forward to keeping in touch!”

“Thank you for the fantastic experience! That was an amazing and inspiring program. I’m a different person since last week. Thank you for the impact you made.”

“Thank you SVIC. We loved the program and working with all of you. I personally can’t say enough good about it. It was an awesome week and program! I wish I was coming back soon.”

“SVIC, thank you for a fantastic immersion program. It was an excellent and truly inspiring to be a part of the group and experience the innovation culture of Silicon Valley. You did a great job on speakers, content, and logistics.”

“Silicon Valley Innovation Center provided a tailor-made, very efficient immersion week into FinTech evolutions. It gives the synthetic view of the opportunities and threats within the sector and provides ample contact possibilities with investors, accelerators, and FinTech companies in a wide variety of application.”

“Thank you for the excellent program! I really enjoyed the content and meeting some innovative Silicon Valley companies.”

“I very much enjoyed the AI Expo/Presentation at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center in San Mateo yesterday. I did not think I would be able to engage with AI companies, but it was a fascinating grouping and a good quick study on the markets for AI. Thanks for having me at your event.”

“SVIC does a wonderful job of connecting companies like Affirm with leaders of top companies throughout the world. At Affirm, we have found the trading of knowledge, ideas, and experience with these organizations has been impactful for all parties, and we always look forward to future programs.”

“The immersion tour was very successful and everyone had a great time – and learned a lot about the various disruptive influences likely to impact RACV’s business now and into the future. I would be happy to recommend SVIC to any of RACV’s business contacts if they are considering a similar tour in the future.Thank you again for your contribution and that of your team in making RACV’s visit a very rewarding experience.”

“Thank you for organizing such a great business tour to Kiev city and for the meeting with the Mayor of Kiev Oleksandr Popov! It was very interesting!”

“We are always happy to engage with SVIC’s programs, because they bring together such a diverse group of finance professionals from around the world. We have been able to create new business relationships, get valuable feedback on our products from senior finance executives and learn about new trends impacting Fintech overseas.”

“Thank you for such interesting and inspiring program. It was very useful to be able to interact with Silicon Valley innovation leaders, visionaries, and technology experts. The program helped to build up a new vision and strategy for my company. I look forward to staying in touch with SVIC.”

“Many thanks for the great week. The line up of companies and speakers I met this week was very impressive. I was especially pleased to see how well they related to SVIC. I am excited about what we can do together. Thanks again for the opportunity to be in the program this week.”

“I would like to thank the Silicon Valley Innovation Center for the incredible journey you organized for us. The quality of the chosen companies and the speakers were simply perfect. We learnt a lot and discovered a new world. Thank you.”

“Thank you for everything. It was a fantastic week! We got more than we expected with the Silicon Valley Innovation Center Program.”

“SVIC made us feel very welcome and were professional at all times.  Their knowledge of Silicon Valley and the ‘ecosystem’ is excellent and added immense value to our experience. SVIC’s selection of companies to visit displayed a very good understanding of our needs. The speakers were of high quality.”

“It was a fantastic experience, we are looking forward for something similar next year.”

“SVIC, thank you for a fantastic conference at the Elks in Palo Alto.  I hope we have an opportunity to connect and explore ways to work together.”

“Thanks so much for your support during the conference. We all enjoyed the conference and the content!”

“Congratulations on an excellent conference! Great lineup of speakers, effective networking, diverse audience, and almost problem-free logistics. I think this was an enjoyable and helpful conference for everyone.”

“I just wanted to say that it was a really great event top to bottom.  Thank you for the opportunity to be part of it”.

“I enjoyed the event and thought it had a higher quality of content than most I’ve been too. So well done.”

“Thanks again for organizing the Banking Disrupted event, I really enjoyed the content and meeting some familiar faces. Let’s definitely talk about some marketing partnership for next year, I will put it on the radar of our marketing team, but please let me know when you start planning the next event.”

“Please accept my congratulations for an excellent conference. You guys did a great job of speakers, content and logistics.”

“Thank you for this wonderful (and intense!) week we had together. I learned so much from all these young and bright people we met. Apart from the quality of the agenda, you guys were so punctual and organized through the week: we had no delays in transportation, no last minute meeting changes, no promises broken at all.”

“The Fintech Week event by the Silicon Valley Innovation Centre was extremely informative and worthwhile. Not only was it great to connect with the directors of the companies we were meeting with but also the other attendees of Fintech Week. If you’re in the Fintech space or considering moving into this industry, Fintech Week would enable you to gain valuable insights into the market, and how best to innovate and accelerate your idea.”

“A fantastic experience with a strong practical component, useful and motivational meetings and relevant insights from the VC and entrepreneurial scene of Silicon Valley. Highly recommended, helped build up a new vision and strategy for my FinTech company in the following months. Exactly that kind of desired experience that is missing from and Executive MBA.”

“The FinTech week by Silicon Valley Innovation Center has opened my horizons and made it very clear that I personally and the companies I am working for are not yet sufficiently participating in the innovation economy. With the opportunities that have been presented and the connections I have made, I am determined to change that in very short order.”

“The overall program was very well suited to the interests I had: 1. Taking a 60,000 look at the valley while being able to selectively dive deep, subject to interest; 2. Traveling with a small, hand picked co-hort, with the potential to create deeper bonds, subject to interest; and 3. Enjoying the sights and sounds of the Valley. All three were delivered, in spades.”

“Your program was extremely relevant, fast paced and gave me a wonderful introduction into Silicon Valley.
My mind have been stretched and the program more than met my expectations. I was blown away with the professionalism, punctuality,  content, and the level of companies we had the privilege to visit. Thank you for inviting me to be part of this experience.”

“You and your colleagues created a terrific experience all week. Thank you! I look forward to staying in touch with you and this group. Many new & wonderful relationships created!”

“Last week was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had in years. I not only enjoyed all the learning, but the company as well. Thank you for putting together such an incredible group and a special thanks to you and your colleagues for the care and support in making our time together so memorable.”

“I just wanted to thank SVIC for all of the effort and organization that you put into the executive program. It was absolutely wonderful and truly inspiring to be a part of the group, get acquainted with the business culture of Silicon Valley and visit top Silicon Valley companies.”

“It was a great program. Trips likes this help us to work much closer together, think about how we change things and interact, bring in a new way of thinking, have our mind open.”

“Exciting, stimulating, challenging times. The key mix for generating growth is inventive minds, immersed in the leading state of technology, and experienced, but not blinkered management.”

To read more, click here.

“SVIC organized a fantastic series of meetings for 65 entrepreneurs from Skolkovo, with Silicon Valley experts. Three different and very experienced professionals who could talk about Stanford and Silicon Valley from 3 different perspectives. A nice touch.”

“You can feel the spirit of freedom and entrepreneurship. You gradually get “infected” with the energy of ideas and opportunities. A very useful training.”

“The Silicon Valley Immersion program was very thought provoking and feeds well into our bank’s digital next-gen agenda and the innovation framework. Thank you for the impact you made.”

“I’d like to thank SVIC for outstanding work organizing the Silicon Valley tour. Starting from the pick-up at the airoport to the last minute of the tour, everything was organized on the highest level: amazing curriculum with visits to the companies – worldwide IT leaders (Google, Facebook, Apple etc.); interesting meetings with companies’ representatives, startups, venture funds; flawless logistics (food, transfers, informal meetings during dinners) – all these turn the tour into a very engaging and extremely useful trip that gives participants tons of new knowledge, new contacts and lots of new ideas. I highly recommend SVIC and will definitely be working with this company in the future.”

“SVIC organized a unique program tailored toward our interests. Informative meeting with best-in-class companies and universities in Silicon Valley. Excellent cultural program (at San Francisco and Napa Valley wine.) During just one week, we were able to get more experience and knowledge than we could otherwise get in a year! In-person meetings with company insiders were valuable”

“We would like to thank SVIC for their hard work and for organizing such a productive program in Silicon Valley. We certainly had an effect of” breaking “our understanding of what’s possible to achieve in our business. We learnt from and shared best practices with the leaders of the international companies in our field, got detailed information about the education process at Stanford University, gained an understanding of the culture and business practices used in tthe cradle of the world’s StartUp business. Thanks you, guys, for your hard work, for the idea of such a project and for the opportunity. It is a significant milestone in our life’s journey! “

“The program included visits to the companies, meetings with the entrepreneurs, interactions among the participants of the trip. To be honest, I did not know what to expect for the program. But I was pleasantly surprised at how such a dialogue with representatives of the leading companies in Silicon Valley broadens the mind and opens a new vision on many issues. It is interesting to talk to people who have been successful and are willing to talk not only about their successful solutions, but also of the mistakes that they made. And also with the employees of large companies that influence the development of the company and are empowered to make strategic decisions. I think part in this trip was extremely useful. Thank you very much!”

“First of all, thank you for the wonderful program. It was a unique opportunity to look at the successful companies from the inside, talk to the colleagues about the future trends with high potential. The most memorable was the feeling of the spirit of Silicon Valley, where the start-ups are being created with the aspiration to change the world.”

“Thank you for the excellent training! On this trip to Silicon Valley I connected directly with the various companies in my area. It also found out where the industry is moving. Moreover, our people have received a boost of energy from the very spirit of Silicon Valley. I admire the work of SVIC. Thank you for the priceless experience I gained from the program! “

“Thanks to the program in Silicon Valley, our group was able to get acquainted much deeper with the culture and the process of innovation in large, successful companies (Google, SAP, Facebook, Intuit, PayPal) and accelerators.cThe tour as a whole was extremely practical and useful, with personal immersion to the corporate culture and the best practices of Silicon Valley companies, which will help us create and sustain innovation.”

“The executive training program exceeded my highest expectations. I was amazed not only by the diversity and the highest level of speakers from the US venture funds, but the quality of our group – young, successful professionals with the diverse background, motivated to succeed.”

“I would like to thank Silicon Valley Innovation Center for their excellent work in organizing the delegation of venture capitalists to the Innovation Forum “Kyiv City Open Doors”. The trip was very interesting! The program provided a great understanding of the initiatives in entrepreneurship and innovation, unfolding in Kiev and Ukraine as a whole.”

“Silicon Valley is a shining example of a region thriving through innovation and entrepreneurship. SVIC makes this Silicon Valley magic accessible to people globally through their vast human network and high quality programs. I’ve been impressed by SVIC’s leadership, particularly their commitment to mutually beneficial collaboration, and have thoroughly enjoyed every interaction I’ve had with the talented people on the SVIC team.”

“Being new to “The Valley”, I found the Silicon Valley Innovation Center immensely useful in plugging me into many different resources for my business. I’ve now met investors, tech executives, and new colleagues through SVIC programs. I can attest the return on investment from working with the Silicon Valley innovation center is high!”

“SVIC is a fascinating new hub for entrepreneurs, innovators, and all those keen to follow new developments and trends. My talks and seminars there based on my innovation books with IDEO have impressed me with the enthusiasm and talent of the attendees, and the quality of the participating companies ­­– from Pandora to Cisco, UCSF, Symantec and others. Ideally located in San Mateo in an appealing space, SVIC is an excellent forum to exchange ideas. It’s a great way to expand your network.”

“My impression of the program on Innovation in HR, organized by SV Innovation Center, was very positive. It was very useful to be able to interact with innovation leaders in the HR industry. What impressed me most were presentations about Psychometrics by Martin Ryssen, How to retain talent by David White, Talent Strategy 3.0 by Margarett Graziano, and Teamable by Laura Bilazarian. And of course, the professional company visits were very gratifying.”

“The team at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) is very well connected locally in the Silicon Valley and also brings their multi-national team together to bridge Silicon Valley to reputable leaders around the world. I am honored to be affiliated with the impressive list of great speakers they bring to their events such as Pitch Johnson and other greats.”

“Thank you, SVIC, for organizing the trip to Kiev. It was very informative and useful. This trip, including the meetings with the mayor of Kiev City Popov and the Ukrainian businesses, helped our delegation to understand the business environment in Ukraine and to appreciate Ukrainian culture.”

“Thank you for such a wonderfully inspiring week. Your commitment, attention and stimulation made for a very thought provoking week. It was truly transformational. I look forward to keeping in touch!”

“The experience SVIC provided us was both transformational and very enlightening. Silicon Valley is a unique experience where collaboration and sharing is second nature. Being given the opportunity to review our strategic direction in light of more contemporary innovators and disruptive technologies was invaluable.”

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