One Day
Silicon Valley
Tech Tour


What is Silicon Valley Tech Tour?

Silicon Valley Startup & Tech Tour is a unique one day experience for those who come to the Valley to learn about new technologies and meet disruptive startups – the “secret sauce” of Silicon Valley.

In this tour you will visit the most disruptive innovative companies in Silicon Valley and get hands on with cutting edge technologies and hottest innovation trends in the field of Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Drones & Robotics.

You will also meet the founders and CEOs of innovative startups and hear insider stories.

Tour Schedule

Sample Agenda


Breakfast & Tour Opening Presentation

9:00 – 10:30
Silicon Valley Innovation Center, San Mateo

You will be briefed on the tour’s agenda and hear a keynote presentation from SVIC CEO, about the Ecosystem of Silicon Valley and Disruptive Innovation Trends.


Visit Innovative Devices Concept Store

11:00 – 11:45, B8ta Store​, Palo Alto

This Concept Store is providing a unique platform to Silicon Valley startups to consumer test their products and solutions. You will get a feel of new tech devices: unconventional wearables; connected devices, thoughtful toys, games, robots, scooters and more.


Lunch with a Tech Expert in AI

12.00 – 1.00 pm, Palo Alto
Have lunch with Silicon Valley insiders, pioneers of innovation and founders of disruptive startups. Learn about innovative business models and startup culture from the insiders. Each tour we have a new guest from one of the local AI, mobile or software company.


Visit to Robotics/ Drones Startup

1:15 – 2:00 pm, Santa Clara
Evident drone & robotics demo, Interact with the new generation of robots/drones and meet their creators: founders, engineers and designers.


Technology Interaction Experience

2:30 – 3:20 pm, IngDan Experience Center, Santa Clara
Latest IoT products and smart devices. Experiences range from Health and Wellness, Smart Home, Intelligent Transportation, Virtual Reality, Drones, 3- D printing and much more.


Tesla Test Drive & Gadget Tryouts

3:50 – 4:50 pm, SVIC, San Mateo
Have an unforgettable Tesla Model X test drive and brace yourself into Virtual Reality experience with Oculus Rift headset from Facebook.


Networking & Happy hour

5:00 – 6:00 pm, SVIC, San Mateo
Have a glass of wine, relax, network, make new friends and build connections – because this is what Silicon Valley is all about.

How Do Past Tours Look Like?

Photos from our participants

A unique Silicon Valley experience that you will never forget!

Take a deep dive to Silicon Valley Tech world and get inspired !


Inspirational Insights

Discover powerful new ideas about the future of your industry by interacting with like-minded participants, speakers, and Silicon Valley insiders.

smart city

Practical Takeaways

Discover hidden ideas, search for disruptive technologies. Explore the in-depth treasure of experience Silicon Valley style.


Experiential Learning

Immerse in Silicon Valley and learn from real-life success stories and failures of local innovators, startups and entrepreneurs.


Hands-on Experience

See technology demos, and test products first-hand. Touch, test, and try the latest innovations. Witness the future today.

What Do Past Participants Say?

Expect amazing things happen to you, too!


Jeremy Schultz
Manager, Consumer Insights, Whirlpool, USA

“Thank you SVIC for the tour. The most impactful part of today’s trip was about culture and things that are exportable from Silicon Valley. It was good in the sense of culture, new practices, and new ideas. This tour was a valuable learning and gave us a better understanding of what is going on in the technology field.”


Paul McGrath
Regional Sales Manager at Maxon Precision Motors, USA

“We came here to explore the Silicon Valley innovative technologies, particularly in emerging markets such as robotics, AI, and drones. We are excited about the opportunity to meet with all those companies and to learn more about trends in these areas. It’s been a great tour.”


Ernest Enyinnaya Onuiri
Researcher/Lecturer at Babcock University, Nigeria

“It was quite an amazing experience to see all these companies and new technologies: IoT, drones, Robotics, IT, driverless cars. The tour gave us the whole new perspective and made us think differently to see the new frontiers. Look forward to doing it sometime again in the future. Thank you SVIC”


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