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How Can Big Companies Innovate? Turning Disruption Threats into Innovation Opportunities

By Andrey Kunov, CEO, Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) Uber, Didi Chuxing, Airbnb, Dropbox, SpaceX, Uber, Spotify… the list is endless but what do all of them have in common? Each one of them is a startup and each one has disrupted an entire industry. Be it hospitality, auto, music or aeronautics, no one has been spared. So what is the antidote to this disruptive trend? – M&A or R&D?  What’s the action plan? In this blog , we’ll look at the emerging practice of start-up engagement as a corporate innovation strategy to help established companies uncover growth opportunities behind ... Read more

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Just Made Computers More Human

  In this era of Fourth Industrial Revolution we all know the world is changing at a pace we never imagined. Self driving cars and humanoids are no longer science fiction. In fact, Silicon Valley startups like CloudMinds have a vision, that by 2025 helpful humanoid robots will be affordable for the average household. When it comes to intelligence, the benchmarks are human beings. However with the advent of AI based technologies, more and more innovations are being made to replicate or surpass human-like intelligence. Here is an article on the latest feat by Google’s DeepMinds – computers that can ... Read more

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Here. Is Your Business Ready?

  By Andy Zhulenev This is the first part of the SVIC original series to discover the technology breakthroughs that go beyond automation of manufacturing and digitization of information. The global economy is undergoing massive disruption. This “Fourth Industrial Revolution” brings us a world of cyber-physical systems, characterized by the merging of physical, digital, and biological realms in profound ways. Artificial intelligence (AI) serves as the primary catalyst of this transformation. Thus, companies need a deep understanding of technological trends. And any organization that aims to succeed in this new era of continuously accelerating change will need to significantly adjust ... Read more

Silicon Valley Innovation Center – Newsletter- April Edition 

Did you know that 72% CEOs believe that the next 3 years will be more critical for their industry than the last 50 years? Did you know that companies today are 460% more likely to fail within the next 5 years? All due to the incredible advancements of breakthrough technologies, from AI to VR, etc. At Silicon Valley Innovation Center, we help busy executives like yourself distinguish the fads from the truly transformative technologies so that you stay attuned to the latest opportunities. From the SVIC Blog: Our VP of Corporate Innovation, Andy Zhulenev, shares what the coming Fourth Industrial ... Read more

SVIC Hosts The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan During Visit to Silicon Valley

REDWOOD CITY, CA, April 19, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — On April 13, 2017, Silicon Valley Innovation Center hosted the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Bakytzhan Sagintayev, and a delegation of high-ranking executives representing the country’s state-owned and private companies. The delegation met with SVIC’s executives and discussed approaches for accelerating innovations in Kazakhstan through collaboration with the vast innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley. During the dynamic, interactive session, the participants of the meeting discussed the unique opportunities presented before Kazakhstan by the 4th industrial revolution and the disruptive technological innovations emanating from Silicon Valley. Kazakhstan ranks 48 in Bloomberg’s Innovation Index of ... Read more

Silicon Valley Innovation Center – Newsletter- March Edition 

From Digital Transformation to the Global Startup Revolution and Top Technology Trends in 2017, we bring to you the latest in the field of Innovation. Read these exclusive articles to know what’s shaping businesses across industries: The Case for Digital Reinvention, McKinsey Quarterly article on Digital Transformation Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017, a report on the ‘Global Startup Revolution Top Technology Trends to Pay Attention To in 2017, SVIC Blog article on the future of Innovation Upcoming Programs: Navigating FinTech Disruption Executive Program How To Turn AI Into Business Value. Executive Briefing Leading Digital Transformation Executive Program Leading Digital Transformation, ... Read more


With an aim of sharing the unique culture of Silicon Valley, Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley announces an exclusive new partnership with Silicon Valley Innovation Center. Corporate groups can now gain valuable access to some of the world’s most innovative and inspiring companies through a number of new tech-focused group experiences. The customisable experiences allow for unmatched access to a culture of risk-takers and great thinkers who influence and disrupt global industries with game changing ideas originating in Silicon Valley. Staying ahead of the curve is a daily challenge facing every industry across the globe, and these new group experiences allow attendees to discover ... Read more


“The future is now” was the motto of this year’s Porsche Latin America PSM (Press, Sales and Marketing) Conference. Instead of just glancing at the future developments of our industry from afar, from our regional Miami office or one of our markets where we usually convene for this annual meeting, we decided to go to the epicentre of our present and future technologies – Silicon Valley. Well, we actually stayed in San Francisco and went on two excursions to have an inside into industry leaders like LinkedIn and Google, as well as getting to know start-up developers at BootUp Ventures. Back at our conference room in San ... Read more


An elite group of like-minded financial services innovators will descend on Silicon Valley in March, July and November as Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) hosts Navigating Fintech Disruption: Executive Immersion Program in Silicon Valley. Building on last year’s events, the Immersion Program is a disruptive, game-changing hot ticket, which will see FinTech powerhouses, innovators and cutting-edge startups help delegates master fundamental technology trends . Running over five days, the program is designed to immerse financial services executives in the FinTech landscape of Silicon Valley to explore one of the most fluid, most challenging and most exciting topics – that of ... Read more


In this issue: Corporate Innovation and Innovation Strategy: What Amazon Gets About Innovation That Google Doesn’t 3 Proven Strategies that let big companies move as fast as start-ups Emerging Technologies: 9 Tech trends that will make billions of dollars starting in 2017 AI Agents Like Alexa, Siri and M will create the first trillion dollar company Disruptors: 2016 FinTech 100 Market Trends: Why Does “Saving Money” Lead To Million-Dollar Businesses, FinTech Edition What Amazon Gets About Innovation That Google Doesn’t Amazon is beating Google at the connected-home game because of its radical approach to corporate innovation.On Tuesday, Google parent company, Alphabet Inc., unveiled Home—its ... Read more