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The Average Length Of Employment in Silicon Valley Top 10 Tech Companies

The average length of employment for these 10 Tech Companies is just 1.66 years. Would you like to meet them and learn why?  

Top 8 Statistics On Digital Transformation

8 survey results indicate the need to adopt a DigitalTransformation strategy.  

Number of Mobile Payment Users From 2009-2016 (Infographic)

Mobile Payment usage is on the rise globally, it won’t be long until credit cards are completely digitized.  

China Leads The Way In Fintech Adoption (Infographic)

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Cryptocurrency Quiz

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Quotes From Executives On FinTech (Infographic)

8 Quotes every FinTech executive needs to hear.

3 Business Trends for 2018

As the year come to a close we’d like to share our thoughts about the three emerging innovations that reached their tipping point in 2017. These innovations weren’t necessarily developed in 2017, rather in 2017 they reached a high enough market adoption to indicate that they will be adopted on a mass scale in the next year or two. As a corporate innovator you’ll want to include these trends in your 2018 innovation road map. 1) Blockchain will create more transparent trade and ease of transacting Only a few months ago still only a handful of die hard enthusiasts believed ... Read more

State of ICO (Infographic)

Fast Facts on ICO! Experience FinTech disruption here:

Big Data In Retail By The Numbers (Infographic)

These 6 Statistics will show you why it’s time for a Digital Transformation

Take A Ride Into The Future

First appeared at Joie de Vivre The future is here. But maybe you’re just not feeling it. Do you, for example, still close your own car doors manually? The one-day “Silicon Valley Legends” tour will put that tired routine to bed, at least for an hour at Tesla, where the Model X will be demoed. The doors open when the fob-carrying you approaches the car. Say what? The X’s dash also sports a bio-weapon defense button, which isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds. It filters the air within the cabin to a pristine medical-grade purity … no matter what’s ... Read more