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Fintech Outlook: Why The Market Will Stay Hot in 2018

2017 was a record-breaking year for Fintech and 2018 promises to deliver plenty more of the same according to Augstin Rubini, a London-based financial industry strategist and general authority when it comes to all things related to the next generation of banking. Speaking at a webinar jointly hosted by the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRIMIA) and the Silicon Valley Innovation Centre (SVIC), Rubini shared numbers showing that in 2017 $16.6 billion was invested in Fintech, a new annual record. That cash went to the more than 5,000 Fintech businesses operating today throughout the world. Among them, according to Rubini’s ... Read more

Apple iPhone X Sales and Revenue [Infographic]

Have you noticed the shift? Apple understands luxury B2C retail better than any other tech giant. And, apparently, selling $1,000+ phone is a not a bad way to make money. Apple’s pricing strategy is either a clever way to bolster revenue despite underperforming unit sales or a sign of product maturity and innovation stagnation. Only time will tell whether this approach pays off in the long run.

Newsletter March Edition 1st

  How FinTech Could Shape Your Strategy in 2018 [Expert Talk] FinTech investments are still booming with more than 5,000 fintech startups operating, with 50 of them having already reaching over a billion-dollar valuation. The question remains, how will FinTech change the financial services landscape and what can corporations do to use the technology to shape strategy? Agustín Rubini, speaker, author, investor, and mentor helps to navigating the complex nuances of this global industry in this 45-min video. [Watch video] Trends in Retail and AI from a Silicon Valley Insider [Video] We had a great time hosting WowTechNow media channel ... Read more

Digital vs. Print Advertising [Infographic]

Revenue generated by the newspaper publishing industry in the United States has been dropping steadily in recent years, falling from $33.59 billion in 2011 to a forecasted $27 billion by 2020. Online publishing, meanwhile, has become an ever more prevalent force, with web platforms taking more and more advertising dollars away from traditional media. Google’s revenue from advertising has been rising steadily since 2001, reaching $95.38 billion in 2017. With more and more advertisers moving away from print media and into digital, these trends look set to continue. A 2017 study conducted by advertising consultancy WARC found that globally 18% ... Read more

IoT Devices Outnumber Humans on Earth

It is estimated that there are approximately 3x more IoT connected devices than humans on earth.

VR and AR: Real Estate Will Never Be the Same

VR and AR: Real Estate Will Never Be the Same When people first conceived of using virtual reality, they thought it might be an excellent form of entertainment. Instead, VR technology has spread into a number of practical consumer industries, such as the buying and selling of real estate. VR and augmented reality, a similar technology that also aids in purchases, have the potential to dramatically overhaul the entire process of real estate marketing. How Does Virtual Reality Work in Real Estate? Thinking of how to use virtual reality could seem more like fiction than fact. With VR in real ... Read more

Newsletter February Edition 1st

Every week is a big week for innovation but here are our pics for the top 4 moments from the past week that stand out. 1. According to CNBC, Apple’s market value dropped $46b last week upon the announcement that they are cutting production of iPhone X among allegations that software updates of earlier iPhone models slowed performance to drive sales of newer models. 2. Elon Musk’s Los Angeles based tunnel drilling company, “The Boring Company” is selling a fully functional Flamethrower on their site for $500 that will ship sometime in Spring. Only 20,000 units will be produced and ... Read more

The Technology Backbone of AgTech

See the main Disruptive Technologies that fall under the AgTech umbrella.  

How Do Banks Compare to These Tech Giants?

Tech Companies are encroaching on Big Banks. Learn how FinTech is changing the whole ecosystem.