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State of ICO (Infographic)

Fast Facts on ICO! Experience FinTech disruption here:

Big Data In Retail By The Numbers (Infographic)

These 6 Statistics will show you why it’s time for a Digital Transformation

Take A Ride Into The Future

First appeared at Joie de Vivre The future is here. But maybe you’re just not feeling it. Do you, for example, still close your own car doors manually? The one-day “Silicon Valley Legends” tour will put that tired routine to bed, at least for an hour at Tesla, where the Model X will be demoed. The doors open when the fob-carrying you approaches the car. Say what? The X’s dash also sports a bio-weapon defense button, which isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds. It filters the air within the cabin to a pristine medical-grade purity … no matter what’s ... Read more

How Many People Work At These 8 Tech Companies (Infographic)

Have you ever wondered how many people work at the largest tech companies? While size doesn’t necessarily matter in startup land the largest tech companies generally have the largest payroll as well.

No Checkout Lines Ever? Yes Please

Amazon Go can make it much easier to get in and out of a store. While currently only a pilot in a small store near Amazon HQ in Seattle, Amazon Go has huge potential to make shopping easier. Each shopper’s activity is tracked by in-store cameras and sensors. Each item that you pick up and put back will be recorded. So in the shopping of Amazon’s Christmas wish all you have to do is enter a store, put the items in your (reusable) bags and walk out. You will be charged to you Amazon account. If you are in the ... Read more

See Why Everyone Is Talking About The Magic Potential of Augmented Reality

IKEA is one of the first companies to make a real world applicable use case for it. Using IKEA Place you can put on an AR headset like Hololens, or even just load it to your smartphone. Take a second to do a full scan of the room so the AR device understands the dimensions, then load up a 3D rendering of the furniture you’re interested in. You can see how the color, style, and sizing matches. When you find the item you like you can click to buy. How’s that for time saving?  

Which Tech Companies are Filling The Most Patents? (Infographic)

Patents are the lifeblood of the tech industry. Here is the top 5 Silicon Valley companies, which own the highest number of patents:

Drones For Business (Infographic)

Drones are one of the fastest growing technology segments of the last year. From crop dusting fields to carrying heavy loads to remote places below are six B2B uses for drones.

8 Reasons Banks Should Partner In FinTech (Infographic)

Of all the disruption occurring today, the banking sector is getting hit the hardest. Smart banks are already looking at innovative solutions to increase customer loyalty and ease of use. Here are 8 reasons banks should partner with fintech startups.

Toyota Handling Materials, Europe On Their Experience With SVIC

On Tuesday, November 14th through Friday, November 16th, Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) hosted the executives from Toyota Material Handling. Silicon Valley leaders, top executives, and innovators shared their vision with the participants on the most disruptive trends in automation and supply chain. See what Matthias Fischer, President and CEO of Toyota Material Handling Europe, said about his experience on the 3 day Silicon Valley immersion program: