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How can Design Thinking help you START Innovating.

  A lot has been told about Design Thinking in the past and rightly so. It has been known to inspire people from all walks of life and across multiple sectors. However, in this age of technological revolution, it is now more than ever to include this kind of innovative and inspiring methodology in your strategy to ensure sustained growth. Design thinking is one of the most successful tools to develop an innovative way of thinking. It is known for the human touch it adds to the way you think instead of relying on historical data for decision making. The ... Read more

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Just Made Computers More Human

  In this era of Fourth Industrial Revolution we all know the world is changing at a pace we never imagined. Self driving cars and humanoids are no longer science fiction. In fact, Silicon Valley startups like CloudMinds have a vision, that by 2025 helpful humanoid robots will be affordable for the average household. When it comes to intelligence, the benchmarks are human beings. However with the advent of AI based technologies, more and more innovations are being made to replicate or surpass human-like intelligence. Here is an article on the latest feat by Google’s DeepMinds – computers that can ... Read more

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Here. Is Your Business Ready?

  By Andy Zhulenev This is the first part of the SVIC original series to discover the technology breakthroughs that go beyond automation of manufacturing and digitization of information. The global economy is undergoing massive disruption. This “Fourth Industrial Revolution” brings us a world of cyber-physical systems, characterized by the merging of physical, digital, and biological realms in profound ways. Artificial intelligence (AI) serves as the primary catalyst of this transformation. Thus, companies need a deep understanding of technological trends. And any organization that aims to succeed in this new era of continuously accelerating change will need to significantly adjust ... Read more