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Mobile OS Disruption: 3 Key Insights from the Surging Rise of Android [Video]

 In 2009, the Android mobile operating system had less than three percent of market share. Symbian had over fifty percent of market share. By the end of 2017, Android’s market share had soared to close to ninety percent while that of Symbian had tumbled to effectively zero.  This dramatic exchange in market share provides valuable insights for business leaders concerned about disruptive digital technologies. What key insights can be derived from this cautionary tale that is the Android/ Symbian Greek tragedy? 1. Do Not Ignore Edge-case Scenarios An edge case refers to any event that occurs at extreme (maximum ... Read more

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Here. Is Your Business Ready?

  By Andy Zhulenev This is the first part of the SVIC original series to discover the technology breakthroughs that go beyond automation of manufacturing and digitization of information. The global economy is undergoing massive disruption. This “Fourth Industrial Revolution” brings us a world of cyber-physical systems, characterized by the merging of physical, digital, and biological realms in profound ways. Artificial intelligence (AI) serves as the primary catalyst of this transformation. Thus, companies need a deep understanding of technological trends. And any organization that aims to succeed in this new era of continuously accelerating change will need to significantly adjust ... Read more