Do You Want To Be a Speaker At One of Our Unique Innovative Events?

Silicon Valley Innovation Center empowers senior-level executive leaders from around the world to uncover business growth opportunities behind the threats of disruptive technologies.

Our speakers are prominent thought leaders, innovators, and authors that lead engaging discussions which facilitate an open exchange of ideas and viewpoints, and to share practical tools that encourage business growth through innovation.

SVIC Speaker Benefits

Opportunity to raise your visibility, expand your business and connect to your target audiences worldwide
A powerful tool to promote your brand/ your book / your company using a wide spectrum of our marketing and branding instruments
Unlimited networking opportunities for building new partnerships and business ventures

Different Types of Speaker Engagements

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One Day Hands-On Workshops

Share your implicit knowledge and help corporations develop key skills for their business success and innovation.

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Expert Discussion Panels

Discuss key technological trends, such as AI, IOT, Drones, Robotics etc. and share insights with the professional audience.

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Networking Events

Enjoy a night of networking with your fellow SVIC speakers. Drinks, horderves, or dinner is always provided.

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Interviews & Webinars Series

Become a speaker for one of our next webinars on the latest trends, innovations, new digital technologies, highly disruptive startups.

Our Recent Speakers


Gregory La Blanc, Faculty Director and Instructor of UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education


Kunal Contractor, Global Director at Avaamo


Charlie Chu, Head of Customer Success at Vizru


Said Mia, Founder at Sweat Equity


Jon Bock, VP of Marketing at Streamlio


Ed Fernandez, Board Director · Early Stage VC · Advisor & Entrepreneur

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Neil Patel
will young


If you are interested in becoming a speaker at SVIC events, please complete the form below.

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