Silicon Valley
Immersion program

For C-level Executives and Entrepreneurs

The program is an intense, transformative learning experience that will immerse you in the innovations and business culture of Silicon Valley through:

Presentations by influential technology experts and visionaries;
Provocative brainstorming sessions with like-minded innovators;
Visits to top Silicon Valley companies;
Meetings with Silicon Valley luminaries;
Silicon Valley products and gadgets test-drive


The program is a transformational week that aims to give you the first- hand insights into the inner workings of Silicon Valley, emerging technologies and disruptive trends that will disrupt the way we work and live. It will also shed light to the building blocks of innovation that ignite the infamous entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley and bring to live its game- changing ideas. You will learn about:

The history of Silicon Valley, the rich ecosystem of VC firms, major research centers and universities, successful investors and entrepreneurs.

Hear industry visionaries and thought leaders share their perspectives on emerging trends and digital eco-systems that will impact your business in 2017 & beyond.

Get the insider view on how to scale a startup, go through an IPO and merger-acquisition, keys to success, and much more.

Hear our speakers share their personal stories of entrepreneurial success and examples of how companies can to turn their Innovation strategy into real action.

Become familiar with Silicon Valley investment ecosystem and best practices.

DAY 1 – Silicon Valley’s “Secret Sauce”

Find out about the history of Silicon Valley, the rich ecosystem of VC firms, major research centers and universities, successful investors and entrepreneurs drawn to this place from all over the world. Explore why all attempts to replicate Silicon Valley in other locations have yet to see success.

Hear directly from the successful entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley experts. Previous speakers of our programs included: Steve Blank (Entrepreneur, Author of Four Steps to the Epiphany), Ken Singer (Director of CTE at UC Berkeley), Brian Solis (Principal analyst at Altimeter Group) and others.

The Biggest Success Stories of Silicon Valley

We will visit the most famous Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple or Alphabet and discuss with business managers the benefits and downsides of growing business in Silicon Valley, as well as lessons on creating and nurturing the innovation culture:


DAY 2 – Navigating Emerging Technologies and Disruptive Trends

Discover the latest technology breakthroughs brewing in Silicon Valley. Meet with Silicon Valley innovators who aspire to change the world. Participate in a brainstorming session on how the disruptive trends may forever change the way we work and live.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We will visit start-ups and established companies making advances in the area of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Explore how these technologies are pushing the boundaries of human control, what impact they may have on the future of jobs and the overall society.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

What are the disruptive effects of virtual and augmented reality? Why the push for VR/AR that failed before is gaining momentum now? Who are the winners and the losers? These and other topics will be discussed with the top experts in virtual reality and representatives of the companies such as:


Internet of Things and Wearables

Some experts believe that Internet of Smart Things can have even bigger implications for the industries and the humanity than Artificial Intelligence. How advanced is the technology? How to use valuable insights from the tsunami of data that IoT produces? What are the promising new opportunities and threats from creating complex networks of interconnected devices? Find out directly from the source by meeting with companies leading the IoT revolution such as:


Next Frontier

What is the next frontier for technology innovation? We will visit innovation labs that fuel Silicon Valley growth. You will get first-hand insights into the next generation of emerging technologies – from autonomous cars to design thinking to latest developments in food research-andwillwitness revolutioninmaking.


DAY 3 – Building Success: From Start-Up to IPO

Silicon Valley’s claim to fame is as a birthplace of many companies that have redefined the industries and changed the rules of the game. During this day you will visit companies that “made it” and the entrepreneurs that are making it happen. Meet with prominent Silicon Valley start-ups, including “unicorns,” and get the insider view on what how to get on the road to > $1B valuation.

Insider View: Disrupting Business Models

Shared economy, social financing, peer to peer lending have taken the world by storm, and it all started with a couple of guys renting out a mattress to their friends. Witness the transformation of business models driven by technology innovations from the disruptors’ point of view by visiting companiessuchas:

Insider View: Incubators and Accelerators

Many great companies got a jump start in the incubators and accelerators of Silicon Valley. Explore the business incubation model and meet the residents and alumni of the hottest Silicon Valley start-up incubators such as:

DAY 4 – The Art and Science of Innovation Management

Silicon Valley companies compete on innovation. Have an eye-opening experience comparing what cutting edge start-ups do to win the innovation race vs. established companies with their unique challenges in maintaining the pace of innovation. Get involved in highly interactive workshops with active participation from the team. Hear our speakers share their personal stories of entrepreneurial success and Silicon Valley experience, which could be quite inspirational.

Creating Innovation Culture

Ping-pong tables, free gourmet lunches and sleeping pods in the office are not all that is required to keep your team innovative and productive. Learn from Silicon Valley start-ups the secrets of attracting and retaining the right people and creating the company culture that helps businesses launch game-changing innovations.

Maintaining The Level Of Innovation And Remaining Competitive

Learn from the technology “veterans” on how to maintain the level of innovation and remain competitive when the pace of technological advancement keeps accelerating. Find out what unique challenges the established companies face and how they overcome those challenges by meeting with companies such as:

DAY 5 – The Theory And Practice Of Technology Investing

Learn secrets of successful investing in innovative tech startups from experienced Silicon Valley investors. Understand how to adapt to changing market conditions and consistently deliver high returns. Become familiar with Silicon Valley investment ecosystem and best practices.

Angel Investor Economics and Trends

Explore the economics of angel investing with the Silicon Valley prominent angels and angel funds. Learn how they evaluate business risks, screen the start-ups. Find out about the latest trends in angel investing across Silicon Valley’s ecosystem from representatives of the companies such as:

Silicon Valley Venture Capital Funds. What Are They Investing In?

Discover industry insights and emerging trends from the prominent venture capitalists of Silicon Valley. Find out what is on top of the list of venture capitalists, how they choose where to invest and what does it take to raise capital from Silicon Valley VCs.

What Participants Say

“The experience was brilliant, and there are so many opportunities to be further explored. Thank you, SVIC, for your efforts and kindness during the trip, it was very evident that you worked with us to accommodate our needs along the way and you did it with grace! We’re looking forward to continuing the relationships and build on the experience.”


“Overall our winners had a wonderful experience getting to visit the tech giants of Silicon Valley and pass on their sincere thanks to you and the SVIC team. I think each of them took away some unique insights, furthered their knowledge and importantly also had fun.  The resounding highlight for the group was the visit to Airbnb”.

Kay Eriksson

“Thank you so much for organizing such an engaging program for our group from Abdul Latif Jameel.  We thoroughly enjoyed exposure to the latest trends in the transportation industry, were fortunate to meet with the leading companies in the space and were truly inspired by Silicon Valley visionaries. The whole program was run smoothly and very professionally, in particular, that of the Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) which will help us to upgrade and strengthen our innovation strategy across our company.”

Hassan Jameel

“I would like to thank SVIC for the great effort its team has made to make our visit to Silicon Valley successful. I think the two days we have spent in the prepared program, added a big value to the understanding of the future of automotive to every member of the team. Thank you to SVIC for the kind hospitability, and I hope that we will have another opportunity of cooperation in the future.”

“The Brazilian team was delighted with the visits to Silicon Valley companies. We were particularly interested in the presentation made at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center about Tesla and the Energy subject. Thank you SVIC for your support during our visit.”

Renato Sarzano
“Thank you so much for a memorable and successful immersion experience with SVIC. The program was very well structured and the choice of organizations from SV was very well thought through. Thank you for the professional and friendly way SVIC went about shepherding us around the Valley and arranging the key introductions. I was pleased to receive the feedback – as I am sure other members of our party will be. I sincerely hope that our paths cross again soon and until then, I would like to wish SVIC continued success always.”
Trent Bartlett

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