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Conference: Insurance Disrupted: Customer Engagement at The Digital Edge

When: March 22nd-March 23rd, 2016

Participating companies: Munich Re, Strategyn LLC.,CytexOne, Limelight Health, Waygum, simplesurance, WeGoLook, Zipari, Oration, Sureify, RightIndem, Cover Genius, MadPow, Swiss Re, XL Innovate, AppOrchid Inc, Sure,, Splice Software, Human API, American Family Ventures, LISI, Santander InnoVentures, infinilytics, Automatic, Altimeter, a Prophet company, Saama Technologies, Strategy Meets Action, Capgemini, BNY Mellon, WeSavvy, Smart Drivinc, Safesite Solutions, Zipari, Capriza, simplesurance, Cover Genius, Embrace Family Health.

Achievements: SVIC organized Insurance Disrupted Conference for more than 250 future insurance leaders and shared the vision for what next generation digital engagement will look like and how to develop and use outcome based customer personas and segmentation. The conference closed with a startup showcase featuring emerging companies that are focused on next generation customer engagement and enabling technologies.

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