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Who: Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools

When: October 21st-October 25th, 2015

Program: Innovation In Design Thinking

Achievements: SVIC organized Design Thinking program for Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, Kazakhstan, shared first-hand knowledge and practical application examples from and IDEO, provided a toolbox of skills to strengthen innovation mindset and new research techniques that jumpstart team’s potential for new and inspired ideas.The workshops ran simultaneously in four major cities of Kazakhstan – Astana, Shymkent, Aktau and Semey and were led by Silicon Valley experts and instructors on design thinking. Reinhold Steinbeck (Stanford University), Cole Godvin (Nueva High School), Ronen Habib (Gunn High School) and Catherine Kavanaugh (Stanford University) travelled to Kazakhstan and ran a hands-on 5-day design thinking course for over 200 teachers. During this intensive immersion into one of the most innovative approaches to teaching and learning developed by IDEO and Stanford’s, the NIS teachers of STEM and humanities created their own learning components, challenges and ideas to be applied inside and outside the classroom. The workshops continued a series of programs on Design Thinking for school educators and students launched by SVIC in November 2014. We are really honored to continually help build bridges between the top world educators!

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