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Conference: Insurance Disrupted: Disruptive Business Models

When: June 7th, 2016

Participating companies: Knightscope, Inc., GAPro, Majesco, PointSource, Zendrive, eSeniorlife LLC, Trov, Farmington Capital, Sureify, Zero, Angel, Brave, LeanTaaS, Factom, NeuroSky, Airware, AIG.

Achievements: Insurance Disrupted Conference accelerated dialog, connections, and action amongst innovative leading companies who are paving the way to the new business models, new digital technologies and infrastructures . Conference highlights: Disruptive leadership panels discussing what’s coming next, new players, and technologies and strategies to engage customers. Included was a showcase of local InsurTech startups along with breakout session discussions and conference led meetings with innovative companies.

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