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Conference: Data Alchemy: Emerging Trends of Predictive Analytics

When: May 21st, 2015

Participating companies: Forrester Research, PayPal, Smarter HQ, VMWare, Inc., IBM Watson Group, Apollo Education Group, VoloMetrix, Saama, Hewlett-Packard, SAP, Benhamou Global Ventures, Beyond the Arc, Cloud Technology Partners, Silicon Valley Data Science.

Achievements: This was the first in our new Conference Series on Emerging Trends and Disruptive Technologies. This focus of the event was to help business manages get on the cutting edge of emerging trends and real use applications of predictive analytics or business, e.g
This conference was specifically designed for business executives to deliver focused expertise on incorporating predictive into a business strategy now.
It’s the next big competitive edge for business because over the next eighteen months the use of predictive analytics will become standard. By the end of 2015, 50% of applications are going to be predictive. (Aragon Research) Leverage predictive or be faced with playing a catch up game.

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