Market Validation

Helping Companies Make Better Business Decisions About Development, Launch and Marketing Of New Products

We help early stage startups and midsize companies validate product ideas. Through our vast network of Silicon Valley partners who already have trusting relationship with your target customers, we can investigate focus markets and get a customer feedback in a matter of hours. See where your idea scored high and where it didn’t. Understand its strengths and weaknesses.

How We Work With You

We help your team create a product presentation by working together with our mentors and industry experts.
We help generate the questions for the focus group and identify the questions that qualify for your purpose.
We bring the focus group and identify the participants, finalize the list, and send invitations.
We organize the venue and reserve the location if necessary.
We measure group’s response to each product feature.
We record the results, tabulate, run statistical models, and deliver the report.

Our Innovation Partners


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