How Fintech Will Transform the Relationship Between Financial Institutions, Startups, and Merchantschants

Silicon Valley Innovation Center's Webinar Speaker Ron Shevlin

Ron Shevlin,
Director of Research,
Cornerstone Advisors



An emerging trend is the platformification of banking, where both existing banks and startups begin a strategic shift towards becoming banking platforms, much like how Amazon is a platform in retail. At its core, platformification is a new type of business model for banks—a plug-and-play business model that allows multiple participants (producers and consumers) to connect to it, interact with each other, and create and exchange value. This new business model will change: 1) where consumers and businesses search and shop for financial products and services; 2) how consumers and businesses apply for, and open accounts; and 3) how banks purchase and deploy technology. A critical part of this trend will be the emergence of a new set of fintech vendors -- platform services providers – who will provide new distribution channels, new processing capabilities, and new sources of data to help create platforms in banking.


  • The best approach to integrating fintechs into traditional banking environments
  • How platformification will affect traditional banking business models
  • How any bank can turn itself into a platform to attract both consumers and producers


Andy Zhulenev Silicon Valley Innovation Center's Webinar Speaker

Ron Shevlin

Andy Zhulenev is Vice President at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center, responsible for Corporate Innovation Services. He brings over 20 years of industry experience, remarkable technology expertise and in-depth understanding of both corporations and startups. Andy worked in strategy consulting, private equity investments, Information Technology, and has founded or co-founded four different startups. Over the last five years, his primary focus was on corporate innovation, new product development and startup mentorship. Andy is passionate about the latest technologies such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Robotics. He is actively involved in ongoing technology research and strategy consulting activities with clients, is a speaker at public events and writes thought leadership articles and research reports.

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