How to Digitize a Traditional Insurance Business

How to Strategically Convert and Digitize a Traditional Insurance Business

Robin Kiera Speaker Interview and Webinar Speaker

Dr. Robin Kiera,



In this webinar Dr. Robin Kiera takes a fresh look at the traditional insurance business and the challenges it faces today from digital disruption. You might be an insurance entrepreneur, a C-suite insurance executive, a claims administrator or a decisionmaker planning to upgrade a basic insurance business to a more modern digitized model. Or perhaps you are a senior manager in control of developing digital strategies in operations, marketing, sales and distribution of an insurance company. Whatever your role, Dr. Kiera will help you acquire greater knowledge and insights into the challenges and process of making the transition to digital.


  • How to identify and analyze the pain points of a traditional insurance business
  • How to design and prioritize an action plan for the transition to digital
  • Best practices and key lessons of the digital transformation journey


Robin Kiera Speaker Interview and Webinar Speaker

Dr. Robin Kiera

Dr. Robin Kiera from Hamburg, Germany is considered one of the most prominent thought leaders and influencers in fintech and insurtech in Europe. Robin has spent the last decade leading reorganization or transformation projects at multinational corporations and helped to scale startups. Today he leads the setup of a digital ecosystem of products and services for the digital subsidiary of a German private bank. Robin is also known for founding Digitalscouting.de - a platform for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and senior management which has grown into a consulting firm and attention hacking agency. Behind the scenes, Digitalscouting supports corporations and startups in their digital and communications strategies - using the most effective tactics and tools.

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