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Silicon Valley Innovation Center's Webinar Speaker Patrick Hogan

Patrick Hogan,
Managing Director,
Gateway Adopters



Breakthrough projects are fraught with pitfalls – as more than 90% of new projects – whether in startups or within large firms – fail. Each attempt at innovation has a unique potential – and commensurately unique risks. To increase your chances of success you need to determine what to focus on, where and when.

The Breakthrough Innovation Loop compliments your existing Agile, Lean Startup and Design Thinking practices with a simple 5 step framework orchestrating strategic and tactical innovation activities.

This presentation provides an overview of the 5 key steps and examples of specific tools you can use at each step. The methodology helps your team maximize the impact of their unique insights into the market and technologies, so they can repeatedly create compelling, breakthrough offerings in a fraction of the traditional time and create new markets that the masses will follow.


  • The five-step framework to achieve successful innovation
  • How to avoid the high-failure rate typically associated with innovation projects
  • The key to building an organization for repeatable innovation success


Silicon Valley Innovation Center's Webinar Speaker Patrick Hogan

Patrick Hogan

Patrick Hogan is a Managing Director of Gateway Adopters (LLC) helping product teams bring breakthrough solutions to market in a fraction of traditional time.

Patrick brings 25 years of expertise in innovation, almost exclusively bringing new offerings to new markets. He has been a founding member or an exec with startups in SaaS, AR/VR, online media and consumer services. He led teams creating analytics and new web app platforms with Adobe, MSFT and Avanade, developing unique insights into innovative best practices for bringing high value disruptive concepts to market.

Patrick’s goal is for the team to win – creating compelling, market-changing offerings, fast. He uses his experience to align teams to a coherent strategy and quickly create the most compelling solution to an important problem, engaging the right people that act as the catalyst for a mass market.

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