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Interview with Mike Flache, Entrepreneur, Angel investor and Advisor

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Mike Flache,
Angel investor and Advisor


All companies today face a complex task: not only do they have to integrate disruptive emerging technologies into their business like IoT and AI, they have to do so while building a digital-first culture. For the enterprises that successfully navigate this modern reality, the potential for growth is practically unlimited. The organizations that do not rise to the challenge, however, run the risk of being left behind by the competition.

How then does an organization strike the balance between “business-as-usual” and disruptive new initiatives? There are no easy answers, especially for legacy businesses with well-established customer bases. Yet going digital-first need not be painful. In this interview Mike Flache, a globally recognized thought leader and entrepreneur, sheds light on the best practices companies need to adopt to manage innovation and capture future growth opportunities.

This comes ahead of Mike’s SVIC Webinar “Digital Growth, But How?” in which Mike will presents key learnings from his experience of building digital businesses worldwide. Developed with CEOs and company executives in mind, Mike’s webinar will equip you with the digital strategies to lead in times of disruptive change.

Watch our Facebook Live interview here at 10 am PDT / 6pm GMT on December 4. No registration required.

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Growth Strategies Amidst Digital Disruption



Mike Flache

Mike Flache is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and advisor. Together with talented teams, he builds digital businesses worldwide. As a recognized thought leader, he collaborates with Fortune 500 companies, innovators, and institutions, such as Huawei Technologies, BMC Software, and the Silicon Valley Innovation Center. Onalytica has named him as one of the top-10 global influencers in the field of digital transformation. 1-650-274-0214