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Volkswagen sees opportunities, competitors in Silicon Valley

An one-day immersion tour of Silicon Valley, which included visits to Google, Tesla, and other auto-industry companies, was just the tune-up Volkswagen Ireland needed when they came to visit us last week. This was an eye-opening experience for the top executives that made the visit. Concepts that were once abstract were suddenly brought to life: artificial intelligence, automation and the sharing economy all came together throughout the week. Startup engagement was definitely high on the agenda. Like many other international companies, Volkswagen is grappling with digital transformation. Looking for partnerships with early stage companies, as a means to accelerate the ... Read more

Lasers and Apps: the Future of Smart, Shared Transport

Transport will become increasingly social and autonomous; that was the key takeaway for top South Korean executives following a one-day immersion tour of Silicon Valley with SVIC. The tour group hailed from GS, a Seoul-based conglomerate with subsidiaries in the energy, retail, manufacturing and logistics sectors. One of the challenges now facing the conglomerate’s leadership is to get to grips with autonomous vehicles. GS is especially interested in understanding their value in supply chain operations. Silicon Valley proved to be a rich source of information and inspiration. The executives’ tour shed light on a number of fast-developing areas in the world ... Read more

Uber’s Self-Driving Truck Makes Its First Delivery: 50,000 Budweisers

Uber-owned startup Otto just sent an autonomous truck on a two-hour, 120-mile journey.


Monday, May 23rd through Friday, May 27th, 2016 – Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) hosted the Board of Directors from Australia’s Royal Automotive Club of Victoria (RACV) – RACV has 2.1 million members, approximately 10% of Australia’s population, with $500 million annual revenue –  for a week strategy sessions on disruption in transportation industry and for essential immersion into the innovation culture of Silicon Valley. SVIC designed a unique experience for the RACV Board centered around disruptive technologies and emerging trends. The company visits, meetings, and presentations were specifically designed to challenge RACV Board’s thinking and open pathways for future ... Read more