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The Future of AI in a World of Irreplaceable Human Characteristics

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a powerful technology that potentially has the power to create machines that can replace humans. This perception is the basis of the dread with which some consider AI and the fabled coming rise of the machines. However, AI, like any other technology, is a tool, says Dr. Maya Ackerman, founder, and CEO of AI startup WaveAI. She and her team are behind the breakthrough songwriting AI platform ALYSIA, a platform that, in her words, can cut down songwriting from hours to just minutes. We recently caught up with Dr. Ackerman to discuss the future of ... Read more

How Corporations can be Innovation Powerhouses (Whitepaper)

To stay alive in this highly competitive global economy, every company needs to become an innovation powerhouse. The time when innovation is done strictly inside the R&D department is over. To keep up with the fast cycles of technology, corporations must embrace a fluid startup framework. How can large organizations build a startup within their enterprise or partner with external startups to accelerate corporate innovation? Large organizations need to redesign their organization structure, immerse themselves with thought leaders and startups, and adopt an innovation culture. In this report, “The Innovation Powerhouse” by Andy Zhulenev, Vice President at Silicon Valley Innovation ... Read more

Experience the Future of Business at the Leading Digital Transformation Program

How will technology change how businesses interact with consumers and other businesses? What will the future of the workplace look like? Get an insider look at the fast approaching future of business innovation in Leading Digital Transformation executive immersion program on July 16-20, 2018. In this 5-day immersion program, you’ll visit the companies making waves, gain insights directly from innovation experts, and hear from digital native startups about new opportunities. Below you’ll find a sampling of what this executive immersion program has to offer to innovation driven executives. Exclusive visits to famous Silicon Valley companies Gain a competitive advantage by ... Read more

Why Corporate Executives Should Visit Silicon Valley: Learn to Innovate like a Startup

Visiting Silicon Valley is not just about getting the latest information on artificial intelligence, blockchain or any of the other technologies now making waves. The real reason for corporate executives to make the trip is an abstract one: the poor historical record of big companies when it comes to responding to disruption. Disruption is now a normal part of the business environment. This phenomenon goes under many names; Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, calls it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. American entrepreneur and multi-millionaire Steve Case has described it as the Third Wave of Innovation. Whatever ... Read more

A Competitive Edge for Corporations: The Lean Startup Method and Innovation

Corporations don’t have five to ten years to waste developing a product that no one wants. Instead of building a plan and following it without question, companies should focus on implementing ideas quickly to determine whether they are good enough to spend more resources on. That’s where the lean startup method comes in to jumpstart corporate innovation strategies. The lean startup method takes ideas around lean manufacturing and applies them to the process of innovation. Instead of using a business plan as a prediction of the future, a company turns the business plan into a series of hypotheses, such as ... Read more

Toyota in Silicon Valley: Lessons in Supply Chain and Corporate Innovation

When executives from Toyota Material Handling joined us for a custom program in Silicon Valley focused on corporate innovation and startups working with the latest technologies, we took them deep into the tech hub. It was certainly uncharted territory for many of them and while there were a few turbulent moments along the way, their reactions told us it was a journey they were glad to have made. The three-day tour we designed for the company was months in the planning so if the executives felt a little overwhelmed at times that meant they were learning, which was exactly the ... Read more

South Korea Holdings Visits Silicon Valley: How to Maintain the State of Innovation

Silicon Valley is sometimes pictured as the Disneyland of innovation. Thousands of thriving businesses and a unique communication culture makes it ideal for innovation tourism, an educational experience comprised of company visits, inspirational workshops and immersive training. SK Holdings, one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea, was looking for an opportunity for intellectual stimulation for its best employees. In October 2017, Silicon Valley Tours organized a trip that featured visits to famous Bay area companies, such as AirBnB, Amazon, Tesla, Waze, SolarCity, and others. During a tour like this visitors get “emotional adrenaline”, it’s like a roller-coaster for your ... Read more

Messaging Apps Vie For Domination in High Stakes Global War [Infographic]

World leader WhatsApp hotly pursued by innovative rivals from China and Russia Facebook-owned WhatsApp is undoubtedly the world’s most popular messaging service and has been since at least 2014, when it could boast 600 million monthly active users. The corresponding figure today is 1.5 billion, over 50 percent more than its closest rival, WeChat, which had 963 million monthly active users at last count (see chart). Apart from being the market leader, WhatsApp is also unique for the fact that it is one of the few big-name messengers which does not generate any revenue. The company has said on numerous ... Read more

Apple iPhone X Sales and Revenue [Infographic]

Have you noticed the shift? Apple understands luxury B2C retail better than any other tech giant. And, apparently, selling $1,000+ phone is a not a bad way to make money. Apple’s pricing strategy is either a clever way to bolster revenue despite underperforming unit sales or a sign of product maturity and innovation stagnation. Only time will tell whether this approach pays off in the long run.

Digital vs. Print Advertising [Infographic]

Revenue generated by the newspaper publishing industry in the United States has been dropping steadily in recent years, falling from $33.59 billion in 2011 to a forecasted $27 billion by 2020. Online publishing, meanwhile, has become an ever more prevalent force, with web platforms taking more and more advertising dollars away from traditional media. Google’s revenue from advertising has been rising steadily since 2001, reaching $95.38 billion in 2017. With more and more advertisers moving away from print media and into digital, these trends look set to continue. A 2017 study conducted by advertising consultancy WARC found that globally 18% ... Read more