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Silicon Valley Innovation Center – Newsletter- January Edition 

  There was a buzz in the air at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. Both large companies and startups filled the convention centers to show off and demo their new products. After spending a few days walking among the endless booths and talking to some guests and exhibitors two key trends became clear… (Read the rest on our blog)   Navigating FinTech Disruption One-of-a-kind opportunity to learn about the latest trends in FinTech, directly from the Silicon Valley insiders. Designed specifically for financial services executives, the program includes 5 full days of immersive experience with the ... Read more

Silicon Valley Innovation Center – Newsletter- January Edition 

January Edition It’s a new year and a new chance to leverage ideas from leaders from Silicon Valley Tech companies for your business. In this edition, see the direction AI is moving, learn about blockchain in our cryptocurrency quiz, and see what executives have to say about FinTech. From the SVIC Blog: Google’s Artificial Intelligence Just Made Computers More Human How many parks are near the new home you’re thinking of buying? What’s the best dinner-wine pairing at a restaurant? These everyday questions require relational reasoning, an important component of higher thought that has been difficult for artificial intelligence (AI) to ... Read more

Silicon Valley Innovation Center – Newsletter- December Holiday Edition 

December Holiday Edition As the year comes to a close, we are looking ahead at what’s to come. Check out the insights on the 3 Business Trends for 2018 and get ready to accelerate your innovation agenda next year. We wish you a very happy holiday season. May your year be filled with happiness, health, and prosperity. From the SVIC Blog: 3 Business Trends for 2018 These three emerging innovations reached their tipping point in 2017. Although they weren’t necessarily developed in 2017, they reached a high enough market adoption to indicate that they will be adopted on a mass scale ... Read more

Silicon Valley Innovation Center – Newsletter- December Edition 

December Edition As you might imagine the team here at Silicon Valley Innovation Center regularly comes across new ways of doing things. We figured at this time of year you are probably facing the annual challenges of deciding what to buy for the holiday season. Either as a present for others or for yourself. Between your day job and your evening events shopping can be a drag. To brighten your mood we’ve made a “wrap up” (get it?) of innovations in retail that we would love to see next holiday season. So without further adieu a Christmas List of Holiday ... Read more

Silicon Valley Innovation Center – Newsletter- November Edition 

November Edition Corporate innovation has never been more relevant as average lifespan of S&P 500 companies continues to drop; blame Silicon Valley. Knowing this, we developed a series of corporate innovation programs for decision makers all over the world to come to Silicon Valley to meet thought leaders, tech companies, and disruptive startups to identify threats and find opportunities. Check out the SVIC blog to explore key takeaways from the executive immersion programs we organized last month: From the SVIC Blog: If Banks Don’t Partner With Startups, They WILL Be Left Behind – Once a year, the board members of ... Read more

Silicon Valley Innovation Center – Newsletter- June Edition 

June Edition Did you know that solar power fell 85% in the last seven years? That in 2017, global investment in fintech companies has hit an all time high of $24.7B? That Faraday Future, the 1,050 mph electric car, accelerates faster than a Bugatti Chiron, Tesla Model S and Lamborghini Aventador? …we can go on and on, but the heart of the matter is, we have entered the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is changing the world we live in at lightning speed. And we at Silicon Valley Innovation Center are here to update front-runners like you, on ... Read more

Silicon Valley Innovation Center – Newsletter- April Edition 

Did you know that 72% CEOs believe that the next 3 years will be more critical for their industry than the last 50 years? Did you know that companies today are 460% more likely to fail within the next 5 years? All due to the incredible advancements of breakthrough technologies, from AI to VR, etc. At Silicon Valley Innovation Center, we help busy executives like yourself distinguish the fads from the truly transformative technologies so that you stay attuned to the latest opportunities. From the SVIC Blog: Our VP of Corporate Innovation, Andy Zhulenev, shares what the coming Fourth Industrial ... Read more

Silicon Valley Innovation Center – Newsletter- March Edition 

From Digital Transformation to the Global Startup Revolution and Top Technology Trends in 2017, we bring to you the latest in the field of Innovation. Read these exclusive articles to know what’s shaping businesses across industries: The Case for Digital Reinvention, McKinsey Quarterly article on Digital Transformation Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017, a report on the ‘Global Startup Revolution Top Technology Trends to Pay Attention To in 2017, SVIC Blog article on the future of Innovation Upcoming Programs: Navigating FinTech Disruption Executive Program How To Turn AI Into Business Value. Executive Briefing Leading Digital Transformation Executive Program Leading Digital Transformation, ... Read more


A weekly wrap-up from Silicon Valley on what’s making the news in fintech, banking, and disruptive trends Fintech Poses No. 1 Threat to Community Banks, Execs Tell FDIC The emergence of new technology in financial services poses a serious danger for community banks, and they are scrambling to meet the challenge, a group of community bankers told the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. “Just one of the things that we have been monitoring and seeing is that some of the nonbanks, fintech companies, are really looking for that opportunity where they see there’s a particular aspect of a banking process that ... Read more


A weekly wrap-up from Silicon Valley on what’s making the news in fintech, banking, and disruptive trends All It Took Was Pokemon to Get People into Bank Branches The instant popularity of Pokemon Go has taught banks important lessons about engaging customers, rewarding them and getting them in branches. Much like Uber taught the payments industry that the best way to get consumers to spend through their smartphones is to make the process invisible, the smartphone game Pokemon Go keeps players coming back to local landmarks without nudging them to a specific place or even promising them a specific reward. “Neither ... Read more