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Digital vs. Print Advertising [Infographic]

Revenue generated by the newspaper publishing industry in the United States has been dropping steadily in recent years, falling from $33.59 billion in 2011 to a forecasted $27 billion by 2020. Online publishing, meanwhile, has become an ever more prevalent force, with web platforms taking more and more advertising dollars away from traditional media. Google’s revenue from advertising has been rising steadily since 2001, reaching $95.38 billion in 2017. With more and more advertisers moving away from print media and into digital, these trends look set to continue. A 2017 study conducted by advertising consultancy WARC found that globally 18% ... Read more


More than last year, and will be even more so next year. Marketing is perpetual competition; your product is the best, better than what the other guys are selling, for XYZ reasons. The market demands that you stand out from the rest of the pack, that your product or services are the smartest choice for folks shopping around. Technology has penetrated every sphere of our lives at this point in time. Security, transportation, food production, everything. Business and marketing are just as affected by the availability of technology as other industries have been. Business and marketing rely on getting goods ... Read more


Sometimes when you’re running a startup or small business it’s good to step back and level the playing field and think about what exactly you’re trying to accomplish. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and to think you’re on the right path when you’ve actually drifted far afield of your target. Adopting this renewed perspective is perhaps no more important than when it comes to evaluating your marketing strategy. Getting your brand, product, and service in front of your customer is your biggest priority and that’s why it’s crucial to have the right marketing mindset. Technology has ... Read more

Innovative Marketing: Advice from Silicon Valley Experts

How to create and maintain positive brand experience in the digital era? How to use electronic tools to enhance brand positioning and which tools to choose? What is the latest innovation in digital marketing and how it can help businesses accomplish their goals? “Innovative Marketing” executive training program created by the Silicon Valley Innovation Center provides answers to all these questions, and more. Recent program, which took place on 17-24th of May, gathered unique Silicon Valley experts who gave us priceless insight into digital marketing trends and challenges. Below are some pieces of their advice, right from the lectures of our latest program. ... Read more

Big Data for Marketing: Smart Tools for Savvy Managers

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing IT industries, along with online advertising. Data-driven marketing tools constantly evolve, challenging e-marketers to keep up with the pace of innovation. Customer data analysis has made possible things marketers couldn’t even dream of only a decade ago. Now businesses can target specific audiences, track campaign results and connect online data with traditional offline information, understanding each particular customer. But what are the most up-to-date innovative solutions in marketing? Turn is a global company headquartered in the Silicon Valley offering a shared marketing platform for planning, execution and analytics. As said on their website, ... Read more