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Five Trends Among Millennial Job Hunters in 2018

Here at SVIC we recently gained a huge amount of insight into the employment preferences of the millennial generation. This came about thanks to a tour of Silicon Valley we hosted  in early April for 73 master’s degree students from the Madrid campus of ESCP Europe, the elite business school founded in Paris in 1819. The average age of the group which joined us in northern California was twenty-five years old; they are all studying for qualifications in subjects like digital marketing or business project management. The students were eager to see up close how companies are run today in ... Read more

Lessons for HR from Silicon Valley

By Warrick Beaver The global shift is underway! As the technological advancements of the last three decades combine to create the workplace of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Ok, I accept this is not a new revelation, however the rate of change is forcing businesses to contemplate transformation or obsolescence over much shorter time scales. This revolution, which is anchored around Digital Transformation, is disrupting the way businesses operate around the world. HR teams are uniquely poised to act as change agents and prepare business to create new processes, competencies and business models for this digital age. So with great anticipation, ... Read more


Innovative infrastructure, healthy business climate and continuous flow of interested professionals make it harder for local companies to find and retain best talent. According to Booz&Co report, the Bay Area captures between 35 and 40 % of U.S. venture capital. To stay on top of the competition, tech giants have to innovate in all things HR. What non-standard methods great companies from Silicon Valley use to attract and hold talent? Acqui-hiring In Silicon Valley, fight for talent is intense. To find and hold talented developers, big companies look for interesting startups and buy them out. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg once admitted that ... Read more


The impact of “social” technologies on Internet is unprecedented: over 80 % of Internet users interact with each other through social media platforms daily. As web economy becomes a more social experience, when customers use social tools to find and share information on products and services, it is only natural that business “socialization” comes right after. Collaboration platforms are starting to play important role in knowledge industry. McKinsey estimates that knowledge workers spend over 28 hours per week looking for information online and writing emails, and social technologies can raise their productivity in large organizations up to 25 % if ... Read more

Innovation in HR

Short report “The 8-day program got underway on the 7th December with a tour of San Francisco. On the 8th of December, the Introductory Presentation was given by Arthur Stepanyan, the VP of Operations at SVIC. After a coffee break, the participants visited SAP, where they met with Sr. Director of HR Prasad Tatimeti and Chief Learning Officer Jenny Dearborn. Then, back at SVIC office, a presentation was given by Martin Ryssen, the COO of TalenToday. The day concluded with a final presentation, given by Marie Minder, the HR Director on ‘How to Find and Attract Top Talent’. On the ... Read more