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Expert Talk: What Can Silicon Valley Teach Companies About Consumer Experience?

Silicon Valley isn’t just a dot on a map. It’s a brand – a global symbol of enduring innovation. Therefore it is safe to say that most of the top companies in the Valley have adopted innovative best practices in all aspects of the business, right from product development, talent management to customer service and engagement. One of the main traits of these trailblazers is their customer centricity. And Customer Experience (CX) is a major part of it. A lot of organizations Silicon Valley Innovation Center has had a pleasure to work with are increasingly interested in how to develop ... Read more

Silicon Valley: Start-ups and Financing

This is an interview of Andrey Kunov, President of Silicon Valley Innovation Center, published by Magazin für Touristik und Business Travel  in the special report about Silicon Valley. Where It’s Going: It’s not just employees of established corporations, but those of start-ups, too, who visit the Valley on a rotational basis. It’s common for one of the founders to travel to Silicon Valley or send individual employees to the USA over a longer period. Until recently, MyFavorito founder Schlenzig lived on a boat in Mountain View, not far from Google, to save costs. Now, he pays 4,000 dollars a month ... Read more