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Nima Shomali On Optimizing Firms For Corporate Innovation

The term corporate innovation often brings to mind well-known tech titans like Google, Amazon, and Apple. The idea that large, non-tech legacy corporations like shipping companies or FMCG manufacturers can innovate as efficiently and as effectively as these companies may sound far-fetched, but this is the reality such firms are facing today. Massively disruptive technological trends are upending entire industries, turning market dominance upside down. For corporations to survive and thrive, they must develop a culture of innovation. Nima Shomali, Managing Partner at Acceleration Technology Partners, understands this need for corporate innovation all too well. Working with non-tech legacy corporations, ... Read more

Rowan Gibson on the Need for Courage in Disruptive Innovation

When Netflix CEO Reed Hastings decided to bet on an emerging trend called streaming media, he planned to do so at the cost of the company’s DVD business. In his words, he wanted to step on the brakes with the DVD business while stepping on the gas with the streaming business. At the time, he faced tremendous pressure and opposition from his board. Considering other now-defunct players in the space like Blockbuster, in hindsight, it is now clear that although this was a tremendously difficult decision that required boldness, it turned out to be the right call. This is the ... Read more

The Four Lenses of Digital Innovation

In the past, disruption was considered an edge case that affected only those with weak market positions. Entrenched organizations relied on their market dominance to retain their top dog status. Today, disruption has become a fundamental component of every industry. Appearing as both a threat and an opportunity, disruptive innovations have created an unprecedented rapid evolution of how industries operate, laying waste to some while pivoting others to staggering success. To understand how to harness this ongoing digital innovation revolution and position your organization for success in a post-industrial world, consider implementing the following four ideals. Upcoming webinar on July ... Read more

Experience the Future of Business at the Leading Digital Transformation Program

How will technology change how businesses interact with consumers and other businesses? What will the future of the workplace look like? Get an insider look at the fast approaching future of business innovation in Leading Digital Transformation executive immersion program on July 16-20, 2018. In this 5-day immersion program, you’ll visit the companies making waves, gain insights directly from innovation experts, and hear from digital native startups about new opportunities. Below you’ll find a sampling of what this executive immersion program has to offer to innovation driven executives. Exclusive visits to famous Silicon Valley companies Gain a competitive advantage by ... Read more

Expert Talk: What Can Silicon Valley Teach Companies About Consumer Experience?

Silicon Valley isn’t just a dot on a map. It’s a brand – a global symbol of enduring innovation. Therefore it is safe to say that most of the top companies in the Valley have adopted innovative best practices in all aspects of the business, right from product development, talent management to customer service and engagement. One of the main traits of these trailblazers is their customer centricity. And Customer Experience (CX) is a major part of it. A lot of organizations Silicon Valley Innovation Center has had a pleasure to work with are increasingly interested in how to develop ... Read more

Silicon Valley: Start-ups and Financing

This is an interview of Andrey Kunov, President of Silicon Valley Innovation Center, published by Magazin für Touristik und Business Travel  in the special report about Silicon Valley. Where It’s Going: It’s not just employees of established corporations, but those of start-ups, too, who visit the Valley on a rotational basis. It’s common for one of the founders to travel to Silicon Valley or send individual employees to the USA over a longer period. Until recently, MyFavorito founder Schlenzig lived on a boat in Mountain View, not far from Google, to save costs. Now, he pays 4,000 dollars a month ... Read more