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The Future of AI in a World of Irreplaceable Human Characteristics

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a powerful technology that potentially has the power to create machines that can replace humans. This perception is the basis of the dread with which some consider AI and the fabled coming rise of the machines. However, AI, like any other technology, is a tool, says Dr. Maya Ackerman, founder, and CEO of AI startup WaveAI. She and her team are behind the breakthrough songwriting AI platform ALYSIA, a platform that, in her words, can cut down songwriting from hours to just minutes. We recently caught up with Dr. Ackerman to discuss the future of ... Read more

How Corporations can be Innovation Powerhouses (Whitepaper)

To stay alive in this highly competitive global economy, every company needs to become an innovation powerhouse. The time when innovation is done strictly inside the R&D department is over. To keep up with the fast cycles of technology, corporations must embrace a fluid startup framework. How can large organizations build a startup within their enterprise or partner with external startups to accelerate corporate innovation? Large organizations need to redesign their organization structure, immerse themselves with thought leaders and startups, and adopt an innovation culture. In this report, “The Innovation Powerhouse” by Andy Zhulenev, Vice President at Silicon Valley Innovation ... Read more

Why Corporate Executives Should Visit Silicon Valley: Learn to Innovate like a Startup

Visiting Silicon Valley is not just about getting the latest information on artificial intelligence, blockchain or any of the other technologies now making waves. The real reason for corporate executives to make the trip is an abstract one: the poor historical record of big companies when it comes to responding to disruption. Disruption is now a normal part of the business environment. This phenomenon goes under many names; Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, calls it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. American entrepreneur and multi-millionaire Steve Case has described it as the Third Wave of Innovation. Whatever ... Read more

A Competitive Edge for Corporations: The Lean Startup Method and Innovation

Corporations don’t have five to ten years to waste developing a product that no one wants. Instead of building a plan and following it without question, companies should focus on implementing ideas quickly to determine whether they are good enough to spend more resources on. That’s where the lean startup method comes in to jumpstart corporate innovation strategies. The lean startup method takes ideas around lean manufacturing and applies them to the process of innovation. Instead of using a business plan as a prediction of the future, a company turns the business plan into a series of hypotheses, such as ... Read more

Tech as a Competitive Advantage: Bank of Queensland Visits Silicon Valley

Drones, big data and software-as-a-service solutions were just a few of the many highlights of a recent fact-finding mission to Silicon Valley carried out by Australia’s Bank of Queensland (Bo Q). Ever wary of  the threat of commoditization within their industry (where one’s bank’s services become largely interchangeable with those of any of its competitors), executives from the 138-year-old company set out to discover how new technologies might offer ways to stand out in a competitive market. The bank’s motivation going into the trip was clear: in order to stay relevant to its customers, it knew it must move into ... Read more

YPO Delegates Inspired on Silicon Valley Innovation Tour

Motivated in equal measure by both business and pleasure, a recent trip to Silicon Valley for eight members of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) was in part an annual meet-up; a chance to get together with old friends and catch up on the latest news. But it was also a fact-finding mission; an opportunity to get acquainted with the technologies and business models of today and tomorrow which are having – or will have – the biggest impact on our lives. The YPO group may have thought that in their decades-long careers they had seen it all but the trip ... Read more


There’s more than enough to see in Silicon Valley and the surrounding area for any tourist (Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, etc.). During the mid-20th century, the region nestled between San Francisco and San Jose that was once a rural orchard was rapidly transformed into the global hub of innovation, and a land of seemingly endless profitability. And, it still is, with more venture capital invested here than anywhere else in the United States. Today there is a bevy of landmarks for executives of any industry to marvel at, such as the sprawling Google or Facebook campuses. (source: But, the true ... Read more


Innovative tech business is about taking risks and responsibilities, giving up personal for the good of enterprise and seeing opportunities that others don’t see. In the fast paced world of disruptive tech innovations, bringing new and fresh ideas to life has never been harder for large players. This is one of the reasons why big companies prefer to outsource innovation process to startups. According to WSJ, 3 out of 4 startups fail. Not all of them fail completely: out of 10 new firms, 3-4 startups are destined to lose everything, another 3-4 will be able to return investment, but one ... Read more


Bringing a new business to life has never been so affordable. With dozens of business incubators and accelerators in the Bay Area, young businesses thrive and almost anyone can become a participant in an incubation program. Visiting great Silicon Valley incubators is a must-have option in the most of the executive training sessions SVIC organizes. In this post we will tell you what kind of magic happens in tech startup incubators, and give you some reasons why you should visit them or why Silicon Valley is the best place to found and fund a startup. Paul Graham, founder and mentor ... Read more


Shared economy trend, or peer-to peer commerce, started in 2008 by Airbnb, community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world, disrupt old notions about consumption and ownership. The idea behind this life-changing trend is using digital platforms to rent the temporary unused assets to other peers who would rather take on lease than buy things from company. In the last couple of years American market saw an outburst of sharing economy firms and marketplaces. With the rise of online rent and taxi services, the CIS markets slowly catch up on the fancy lifestyle trend. We ... Read more