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Schlumberger Drills Deeper to Innovate Oil and Gas Sector

Amid the global pivot to a “new” energy economy – solar, wind and electric – tales of the rapid obsolescence of the oil and gas industry are simply inaccurate. In fact, “traditional” energy players such as oil and gas companies are still crucial even as we transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles. Established oil and gas companies such as Schlumberger now realize that change, innovation and disruption are central for long-term success. Technology developments translate to either opportunities for those who adapt or risks for those who do not. In keeping up with their principle of putting “knowledge, technical ... Read more

Disruptive innovations in energy storage

Silicon Valley is the best place to learn about green energy as it is a home for the most innovative eco-friendly initiatives in the world. The state of California plans to switch all its utility providers to 1/3 of renewable sources by 2020. As solar and wind energy technologies are being implemented in all places, an important problem has arisen: how to secure sufficient storage to preserve unused and extra energy produced with unpredictable renewable sources as well as satisfy growing demand for capable auto batteries? According to DNV GL, world’s best energy storage innovations already surpassed the RND stage ... Read more


Over the last years the Bay Area was definitely a game-changer for the whole green energy industry. A lot of Silicon Valley companies implemented newest solar technologies to make their businesses more sustainable. Change has happened in all different levels, from inventing better ways of harvesting solar energy in cities to making these technologies cheaper and simplifying distribution chains. The solar industry saw 20 % growth in jobs in 2013, as a research by the Solar Foundation indicates. One-third of Americans who work in the solar industry live in California. Renewable-energy technologies create more construction, manufacturing and installation jobs than ... Read more