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Disruptive Innovation: From Threat to Opportunity

In past industrial revolutions, innovation and disruption took decades to mature and overtake existing industries. Look at the gap between the invention of the steam engine in 1712 and the invention of the internal combustion engine in 1872. Businesses that were entrenched in the steam engine era had 160 years to innovate and embrace the next iteration of the technology. Experience the new age of innovation at the Silicon Valley Innovation Summit on July 18-20, 2018. In the information age of today, this disruption cycle is measured in months rather than years. There are dozens of startups in Silicon Valley ... Read more

Volkswagen sees opportunities, competitors in Silicon Valley

Google, Tesla and much else besides; as a fast-track into the world of disruptive, auto-industry tech, a one-day immersion tour of Silicon Valley was just the tune-up  Volkswagen Ireland needed. For the top executives and dealership heads who made the visit, it was an eye-opening experience. Concepts once abstract were suddenly brought to life: artificial intelligence, automation and the sharing economy all came together. A look at what competitors are up to didn’t do any harm either. Startup engagement was also high on the agenda. Like many global corporations, Volkswagen is grappling with digital transformation. Looking to partnerships with early ... Read more

Lasers and Apps: the Future of Smart, Shared Transport

Transport will become increasingly social and autonomous; that was the key takeaway for top South Korean executives following a one-day immersion tour of Silicon Valley with SVIC. The tour group hailed from GS, a Seoul-based conglomerate with subsidiaries in the energy, retail, manufacturing and logistics sectors. One of the challenges now facing the conglomerate’s leadership is to get to grips with autonomous vehicles. GS is especially interested in understanding their value in supply chain operations. Silicon Valley proved to be a rich source of information and inspiration. The executives’ tour shed light on a number of fast-developing areas in the world ... Read more

Going Digital: Talent Unleashed Award Winners See Tech Disruption From All Angles

For the winners of the 2017 Talent Unleashed Awards, a trip to Silicon Valley was the most fitting of prizes. As a diverse group of entrepreneurs and business leaders, the eight honorees were right at home in the California tech hub. They hailed from across the globe: Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, the UK and the US were all represented. Each one of them had come through several rounds of competition. Nominated in categories like “best startup” or “most disruptive digital leader”, their challenge had been to impress a panel of judges which included Apple co-founder Steve Wozniack and entrepreneur ... Read more

Experience the Future of Business at the Silicon Valley Innovation Summit

How will technology change how businesses interact with consumers and other businesses? What will the future of the workplace look like? Get an insider look at the fast approaching future of business innovation in Silicon Valley Innovation Summit on July 18-20, 2018. In this 3-day immersion program, you’ll visit the companies making waves, gain insights directly from innovation experts, and hear from digital native startups about new opportunities. Below you’ll find a sampling of what this summit has to offer to innovation driven executives. Exclusive visits to famous Silicon Valley companies Gain a competitive advantage by visiting the companies that ... Read more

Fintech Set to Break Records in 2018: Four Growth Areas

Disruption of banking by fintech is showing no signs of slowing. Of the many innovations now appearing, online credit scoring, peer-to-peer lending, digital wallets and open banking are among those making the biggest impact. They have all emerged as key drivers of the digital transformation taking place across the financial services industry. Earlier this month, a group of top executives from the Central Bank of Egypt came to Silicon Valley to explore each sub-sector in depth, as part of an executive immersion tour hosted by SVIC. For state agencies everywhere, including central banks, now is a crucial time to get ... Read more

A Competitive Edge for Corporations: The Lean Startup Method and Innovation

Corporations don’t have five to ten years to waste developing a product that no one wants. Instead of building a plan and following it without question, companies should focus on implementing ideas quickly to determine whether they are good enough to spend more resources on. That’s where the lean startup method comes in to jumpstart corporate innovation strategies. The lean startup method takes ideas around lean manufacturing and applies them to the process of innovation. Instead of using a business plan as a prediction of the future, a company turns the business plan into a series of hypotheses, such as ... Read more

Three Ideas On How To Modernize A Legacy Manufacturing Business

Transforming a large manufacturing business is impossible without deploying an array of automation and logistics innovations, such as robotics and artificial intelligence. It is also unimaginable without startup scouting, a practice of partnering with young and fast-moving companies to make innovation happen faster. All these things were on a checklist for a group of Sonepar executives who visited Silicon Valley Innovation Center in September 2017. Sonepar is a French manufacturer of electrical parts and products with a history that spans 45 years across 44 countries. If you have an old refrigerator or a vacuum cleaner at home, there’s a good ... Read more

Toyota in Silicon Valley: Lessons in Supply Chain and Corporate Innovation

When executives from Toyota Material Handling joined us for a custom tour of Silicon Valley focused on corporate innovation and startups working with the latest technologies, we did our best to take them deep into the tech hub. It was certainly uncharted territory for many of them and while there were a few turbulent moments along the way, their reactions told us it was a journey they were glad to have made. The three-day tour we designed for the company was months in the planning so if the executives felt a little overwhelmed at times that meant they were learning, ... Read more

South Korea Holdings Visits Silicon Valley: How to Maintain the State of Innovation

Silicon Valley is sometimes pictured as the Disneyland of innovation. Thousands of thriving businesses and a unique communication culture makes it ideal for innovation tourism, an educational experience comprised of company visits, inspirational workshops and immersive training. SK Holdings, one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea, was looking for an opportunity for intellectual stimulation for its best employees. In October 2017, Silicon Valley Tours organized a trip that featured visits to famous Bay area companies, such as AirBnB, Amazon, Tesla, Waze, SolarCity, and others. During a tour like this visitors get “emotional adrenaline”, it’s like a roller-coaster for your ... Read more