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Take A Ride Into The Future

First appeared at Joie de Vivre The future is here. But maybe you’re just not feeling it. Do you, for example, still close your own car doors manually? The one-day “Silicon Valley Legends” tour will put that tired routine to bed, at least for an hour at Tesla, where the Model X will be demoed. The doors open when the fob-carrying you approaches the car. Say what? The X’s dash also sports a bio-weapon defense button, which isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds. It filters the air within the cabin to a pristine medical-grade purity … no matter what’s ... Read more

No Checkout Lines Ever? Yes Please

Amazon Go can make it much easier to get in and out of a store. While currently only a pilot in a small store near Amazon HQ in Seattle, Amazon Go has huge potential to make shopping easier. Each shopper’s activity is tracked by in-store cameras and sensors. Each item that you pick up and put back will be recorded. So in the shopping of Amazon’s Christmas wish all you have to do is enter a store, put the items in your (reusable) bags and walk out. You will be charged to you Amazon account. If you are in the ... Read more

See Why Everyone Is Talking About The Magic Potential of Augmented Reality

IKEA is one of the first companies to make a real world applicable use case for it. Using IKEA Place you can put on an AR headset like Hololens, or even just load it to your smartphone. Take a second to do a full scan of the room so the AR device understands the dimensions, then load up a 3D rendering of the furniture you’re interested in. You can see how the color, style, and sizing matches. When you find the item you like you can click to buy. How’s that for time saving?  

Toyota Handling Materials, Europe On Their Experience With SVIC

On Tuesday, November 14th through Friday, November 16th, Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) hosted the executives from Toyota Material Handling. Silicon Valley leaders, top executives, and innovators shared their vision with the participants on the most disruptive trends in automation and supply chain. See what Matthias Fischer, President and CEO of Toyota Material Handling Europe, said about his experience on the 3 day Silicon Valley immersion program:

$23B/year Traditional Industry Is Ready to Embrace the Future

More and more trade associations are discovering the value of bringing their leadership teams to Silicon Valley. The members not only get to meet face to face and talk shop, but they also receive invaluable insight about customer focus and people management from leading innovative workplaces like Amazon and Google. Often time, trade associations contact us because they want to create an unforgettable experience for their members that combines cultural thought leadership and meetings specific to the future of their industry. This combination of interests has led MKJ Marketing to work with us to create an unforgettable two-day program for ... Read more

Learn How To Disrupt Your Own Business

If your company is looking for options that can lead to explosive growth and a tighter team culture, taking part in a Silicon Valley immersive innovation program is a great way to uncover synergies and brainstorm growth opportunities. This is what the International Vitamin Corporation has decided to do. IVC has grown through a strategy of acquiring market share. And after making two successful acquisitions, the company now has production facilities in China, the US, and the UK, as they wanted to unlock additional growth. However, the leadership of IVC realized that developing their own cultural innovation strategy could be ... Read more

Lessons for HR from Silicon Valley

By Warrick Beaver The global shift is underway! As the technological advancements of the last three decades combine to create the workplace of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Ok, I accept this is not a new revelation, however the rate of change is forcing businesses to contemplate transformation or obsolescence over much shorter time scales. This revolution, which is anchored around Digital Transformation, is disrupting the way businesses operate around the world. HR teams are uniquely poised to act as change agents and prepare business to create new processes, competencies and business models for this digital age. So with great anticipation, ... Read more

Oracle’s Innovation Trip: Visiting Silicon Valley

There is no better way to experience innovation than through immersion, and there is no better place than Silicon Valley, especially when it comes to technology. More and more companies look up to Silicon Valley to become inspired, meet with the next gen of disrupters, visit the most innovative companies, find new partners, and accelerate their innovation programs. In October of 2017, the Silicon Valley Innovation Center welcomed a team of executives from Belgium and Netherlands to Silicon Valley to witness firsthand the next generation technologies, find innovative ideas, and get a glimpse of the future. They were brought together by ... Read more

Why Visit Silicon Valley To Discover How To Reinvent Your Company For The Digital World

С-level executives from leading organizations in Brazil, Colombia, India and Peru came to Silicon Valley and found innovative ways to reimagine portions of their existing businesses by embracing digital transformation during our most recent Leading Digital Transformation immersion program. In August the team here at Silicon Valley Innovation Center welcomed a cohort of executives to our 3rd Leading Digital Transformation innovation immersion program. The senior executives hailed from companies including Morpho, a global leader in security and identity verification, Vizitech Solutions, a software solutions provider, Amdocs, a multinational software provider for media and communications companies, Change Americas, a change management ... Read more

Did you know that there is no city called Silicon Valley?

I wonder how many of you can remember the famous song of the German rock band Scorpions, Wind of Change, from the 90’s? It was released in January 1991 and became a worldwide hit topping the charts in Germany, Europe, the United States and United Kingdom. Now, who would have guessed that the video for “Wind of Change” would be viewed more than 380 million times on YouTube as of April 2017? Well if Scorpion’s Klaus Meine knew about the 4th industrial revolution, the never stopping new waves of technologies transforming multiple industries and products like You Tube, have no ... Read more