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Welcome to Demo of Medici

MEDICI takes this industry contribution to a new level of engagement. It provides a highly curated and contextual backdrop for startups to get on the radar of FinTech focused investors and partners.

PRMIA and Silicon Valley Innovation Center Kick Off Thought Leadership Events

PRMIA and Silicon Valley Innovation Center Kick Off Thought Leadership Events About FinTech Disruption of the Financial Services industry. Leading financial sector industry association and experts in innovation team up to provide deep insights into the transformation of the financial services industry. The Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) has entered into a strategic partnership with Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) to offer thought leadership events designed to increase awareness about ongoing FinTech disruption for the financial services industry. PRMIA is a non-profit, member-led network dedicated to defining and implementing the best practices of risk management in a broad range ... Read more

Why Visit Silicon Valley To Discover How To Navigate FinTech Disruption: July Edition

Executives from top financial institutions from around the world find cutting-edge, innovative ideas and inspiration in Silicon Valley during Navigating FinTech Disruption immersion program. In July 2017 Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) welcomed a cohort of financial services executives to its 5th Navigating FinTech Disruption immersion executive program. Senior executives from companies such as Alfa Bank, Bradesco Seguros, Payments Canada, Moscow Exchange, Ruoff Home Mortgage, the University of Sydney, and VTB Bank hailing from Brazil, USA, Russia, Australia, and Canada came to Silicon Valley to witness firsthand the next generation technologies and get a glimpse of the future of banking ... Read more

Framework for Banks to Partner with FinTech Companies (video)

  Navigating FinTech disruption is on top of the executive agenda of the traditional Financial Services organizations. FinTech start-ups continue to attract investment with the total invested globally at $3.2 billion in Q1 of 2017 . The growth is fueled by the “growing discontent in traditional banking models, demands for accountability and an increasingly digitally focused customer base” that  has reiterated the core needs for new modes of finance in a the diverse and complex world”, according to Innovation Finance. In this blog we will discuss the framework for banks to establish working partnership relations with the FinTech companies that ... Read more

Silicon Valley Innovation Center – Newsletter- April Edition 

Did you know that 72% CEOs believe that the next 3 years will be more critical for their industry than the last 50 years? Did you know that companies today are 460% more likely to fail within the next 5 years? All due to the incredible advancements of breakthrough technologies, from AI to VR, etc. At Silicon Valley Innovation Center, we help busy executives like yourself distinguish the fads from the truly transformative technologies so that you stay attuned to the latest opportunities. From the SVIC Blog: Our VP of Corporate Innovation, Andy Zhulenev, shares what the coming Fourth Industrial ... Read more


An elite group of like-minded financial services innovators will descend on Silicon Valley in March, July and November as Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) hosts Navigating Fintech Disruption: Executive Immersion Program in Silicon Valley. Building on last year’s events, the Immersion Program is a disruptive, game-changing hot ticket, which will see FinTech powerhouses, innovators and cutting-edge startups help delegates master fundamental technology trends . Running over five days, the program is designed to immerse financial services executives in the FinTech landscape of Silicon Valley to explore one of the most fluid, most challenging and most exciting topics – that of ... Read more


Arguably no technology has been such a disruptive innovation since the advent of the internet as blockchain technology. This concept that has flooded the world of capital markets and trade is most known for being the technology underpinning the infamous Bitcoin. And as such, it has generated a huge amount of interest. Blockchain (or distributed ledgers, as it is alternatively called) revolutionizes the approach to data management and sharing and is offered as a solution to cover many of the inefficiencies afflicting the industry. Bitcoin technology presents itself as the pledge for a new digital currency architecture, where all capital ... Read more


Over the course of the past several years, the banking industry has been profoundly disrupted by innovative fintech (financial technology) companies, with the majority of them being recent Silicon Valley startups. Banks have historically been perceived as very “safe” financial institutions – after all, everyone needs their money securely stored and readily accessible, and banks still carry the connotation that “it’s the place where you keep your money”. The concept of banking has been around since time immemorial, and while there have been technological advances during the industry’s lifetime that revolutionized banking to a significant degree (ATMs, mobile banking apps, ... Read more


In this issue: Wall Street steps up its game against fintech Next Wave of Fintech: Ditch the Humans Santander: Bitcoin Threatens Credit Card Issuers You’ve Heard of Fintech, Get Ready for ‘Regtech’ US Fintech SoFi’s $500M Raise Will Enable Growth and Global Reach Why Fintech Startups Might Not Want to Become Unicorns” “The fintech ecosystem explained” Wall Street steps up its game against fintech Marcus, Zelle and Concord. They’re not names for Silicon Valley start-ups, nor is this list drawn from a pre-K register in Brooklyn’s Park Slope. This is what Wall Street has been doing to defend itself from ... Read more

Silicon Valley Innovation Center Banking Disrupted Summit 2016 Brings Out Financial Tech Giants

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) based in the mecca of the technologically advanced region of California played host to emerging banking, financial services, and Fintech companies during the Banking Disrupted Summit held at the Silicon Valley Elks Lodge on September 14-15. More than 350 people attended or registered for the in person and online conference as a part of the week long Fintech campaign initiatives.  Banking Disrupted summit showcased industry leaders such as OnDeck, Elevate, and LearnLux as well as notable companies like Western Union, First Data Corporation, LendUp, Citi Ventures and D+H covering a range of disruptive trends in financial services and banking industries. Topics ranged from panels on Artificial Intelligence (AI) ... Read more