Companies across verticals and industries – such as insurance, banking, education and healthcare to name a few – are no strangers to disruptive trends and the transformation to how customers interact with their brand.

Customer experience is a hot topic here in the heart of Silicon Valley innovation, because it is what will protect brands from disruptive trends and separate the winners from the losers. But many of us are lost to the true meaning of what is customer experience. We are too focused on the mundane standards of yesterday, and not fully absorbing the potential for the disruptive trends of tomorrow.

It is time to stop talking about disruptive trends like social, growth hacking, customer experience, or whatever is the latest buzzword. Instead, the gears must be switched to trying to solve for the opportunities created by these disruptive trends.

The future of any business or brand is to design a customer experience that the customer can easily translate and share with their community. What customers feel and say about your brand is never a surprise when you are truly successful at customer experience.

Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at the Altimeter Group, gave an enlightening presentation on ‘experience culture’ – the idea that a brand understands what is important to the culture, and therefore designs a product, service or marketing campaign that is going to speak to and through the customer. The brand experience is specifically designed for the customer and in turn becomes something that is sharable.

This is the future of business strategy and will weed out the competition. Brands need to sincerely think about what matters to their customers and why, to understand the customer at their core because “we live in an ego-system,” Solis conveys.

At the end of the day, customers stick with brands who share their core values, because the customer believes they are important. “Companies have to cater to consumer egocentricity in a way that does not cater to vanity, but who the customer is [on the] inside, because that is scalable,” reveals Solis.

Solis, dives deeper into why the future of business lies with innovation (part 1 ): 1-650-274-0214