PRMIA and Silicon Valley Innovation Center Kick Off Thought Leadership Events

PRMIA and Silicon Valley Innovation Center Kick Off Thought Leadership Events About FinTech Disruption of the Financial Services industry.

Leading financial sector industry association and experts in innovation team up to provide deep insights into the transformation of the financial services industry.

The Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA) has entered into a strategic partnership with Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) to offer thought leadership events designed to increase awareness about ongoing FinTech disruption for the financial services industry.

PRMIA is a non-profit, member-led network dedicated to defining and implementing the best practices of risk management in a broad range of industries. SVIC is a strategic advisor to businesses on the topics of emerging technologies and industry transformations.

“The fundamental transformation of the banking business model is increasing in pace,” said Kraig Conrad, CEO, PRMIA. “The industry needs an active dialog about technical solutions, talent development and the evolving role of the bank in their retail and corporate customers’ journeys.”

The objective of the PRMIA / SVIC partnership is to educate financial services companies across the world on the latest industry disruptive trends in banking, asset management and insurance by leveraging thought leadership events such as webinars, immersion programs and conferences organized by SVIC.

“The future of banking becomes apparent when you look at FinTech innovations globally including developing countries,” said Andy Zhulenev, Vice President, Corporate Innovation Services at SVIC. “It is typical for emerging technologies to be adopted first by underserved customer segments before going mainstream. But it is simply a matter of time until these innovations find their way into the highly regulated banking industry in the developed world.”

SVIC is the organizer of the “Banking Disrupted” conference that is focused exclusively on FinTech innovation in banking. The plan is to expand this popular international industry event from Silicon Valley to several other global locations.

“Last year’s Banking Disrupted event helped many executives in the industry to realize the breadth and depth of ongoing industry transformation. From digital solutions for millennials to new credit risk assessment methods, FinTech innovations are touching each and every aspect of a bank’s business,” said Scott Syphax, Chairman & CEO, The Nehemiah Companies.

The SVIC executive immersion program “Navigating FinTech Disruption” is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest industry trends directly from the Silicon Valley insiders. Designed specifically for financial services executives, the program includes five full days of immersive experience with the most innovative Silicon Valley startups and industry experts. Click here to learn more about the program.

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