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The Future of the Office: How Companies Are Changing the Workplace

Colorful non-traditional work space fosters creativity, encourages teamwork and improves life-satisfaction. Let your employees bring personal items to work, allow some extra activities, like playing games, and organize spacious zones. That’s what the most innovative companies of Silicon Valley do to build up ideal conditions for their team members. Bay Area companies also use innovative workspace to compete for talent.

Photo courtesy of 1. Google – Mountain View, CA Google limited their office color palette to the four colors in their logo, a vibrant red, yellow, blue and green. Vivid workplace brightens the dullest days and rewards hard work.


Photo courtesy of 2. Facebook – Menlo Park, CA Facebook famous headquarters feature large walls staff can write on with washable markers. Employees also can move furniture as they want.


Photo courtesy of 3. Skype – Palo Alto, CA Palo Alto headquarters reflect Skype’s spirit of innovation in a highly functional yet creative workplace designed to encourage interaction and spontaneity.


Photo courtesy of Box 4. Box – Los Altos, CA Box.Inc, an online file sharing and cloud content management service for businesses, has spacious and innovative office. What can be more rewarding than chilling in a hammock after a long workday?


Photo courtesy of 5. Autodesk – San Francisco, California With its 3D features and exquisite interior design, Autodesk’s office in San Francisco reveals innovative and sophisticated character of the company.


Photo courtesy 6. Grupo Gallegos – Huntington Beach, CA Advertising agency Grupo Gallegos converted an old cinema into a bright-colored office without walls or barriers.


Photo courtesy of  7. Airbnb – San Francisco, CA Airbnb’s San Francisco office looks like a techno city. Design of the workspace reflects the innovative way of working initiated by the shared economy trendsetter.


Photo courtesy of 8. AOL – Palo Alto, CA AOL’s workspace is a wonderful collection of eye-catching touches of color, furniture, and materials Photo courtesy

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