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Silicon Valley Innovation Center – Newsletter- November Edition 

November Edition

Corporate innovation has never been more relevant as average lifespan of S&P 500 companies continues to drop; blame Silicon Valley. Knowing this, we developed a series of corporate innovation programs for decision makers all over the world to come to Silicon Valley to meet thought leaders, tech companies, and disruptive startups to identify threats and find opportunities. Check out the SVIC blog to explore key takeaways from the executive immersion programs we organized last month:

From the SVIC Blog:

If Banks Don’t Partner With Startups, They WILL Be Left Behind – Once a year, the board members of the Federal Home Loan Bank get together to talk about how their member banks are performing and ways to improve these businesses. For quite some time, they have been aware of the radical changes technology companies are starting to bring to the banking industry… Read the rest on our blog

How To Disrupt Your Own Business – If your company is looking for options that can lead to explosive growth and a tighter team culture, taking part in a Silicon Valley immersive innovation program is a great way to uncover synergies and brainstorm growth opportunities… Continue Reading

$23B Traditional Industry Is Ready to Embrace the Future – “…The group was particularly interested in learning ways to refresh their industry because demand for their services have been slowly declining over the last several decades.” Read more


Want to see how you can leverage SIlicon Valley resources for your company and career? Join one of our upcoming programs:

Leading Digital Transformation – Executive Immersion Program –  Dec 11-15, Mar 12-16, July 9-13, Silicon Valley, CA

The program includes 5 full days of immersive experience with the most innovative Silicon Valley companies. It is designed specifically for corporate executives leading digital transformation initiatives.





The Blockchain Revolution and The Future of ICO – Dec 14, Silicon Valley, CA

Executive briefing including a startup showcase, expert discussions, and hands on workshops on the future of investment banking and venture capital.





Navigating Fintech Disruption – Executive Immersion Program – Feb 12-16, May 14-18, Silicon Valley, CA

Built for financial services executives, the program includes 5 full days of immersive experience with the most innovative Silicon Valley companies and presentations by experts to provide insights into the impact of technology innovations on finance.

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