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Silicon Valley Innovation Center – Newsletter- March Edition 

From Digital Transformation to the Global Startup Revolution and Top Technology Trends in 2017, we bring to you the latest in the field of Innovation. Read these exclusive articles to know what’s shaping businesses across industries:

  1. The Case for Digital Reinvention, McKinsey Quarterly article on Digital Transformation
  2. Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017, a report on the ‘Global Startup Revolution
  3. Top Technology Trends to Pay Attention To in 2017, SVIC Blog article on the future of Innovation

Upcoming Programs:

Leading Digital Transformation,
Executive Immersion Program
April 17 -21, Silicon Valley

A comprehensive 5-day executive immersion program designed specifically for corporate executives leading digital transformation initiatives. A golden opportunity to learn from the brightest and most innovative minds in Silicon Valley.

Turning AI Into Business Value
Silicon Valley Executive Briefing
April 27th, San Mateo, CA

A full day event featuring presentations from the CEOs of 20 disruptive startups in AI technology to brief the executive participants on the latest AI trends and help them discover applications of AI to their business.

Navigating FinTech Disruption
Executive Immersion Program
July 10-14, Silicon Valley

This intensive 5-day immersion program is Designed specifically for financial services executives. It gives you a unique opportunity to meet with cutting edge FinTech companies in Silicon Valley and get insights into the impact of technology innovations on the industry. 1-650-274-0214