Thursday April 21, 2016 –  Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) organized an educational program for 92 students and 4 professors from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. NTU students and professors were excited to engage with some of the leading technology companies in Silicon Valley to see innovation culture and disruptive technologies in action, including Facebook, SAP, Oracle, Flextronics, and Prezi. They received an firsthand look into what knowledge is needed to walk the entrepreneurial path in Silicon Valley, make connections with local recruiters, and gained inspirational ideas on how to start their own businesses.


At SAP, our guests learned about the history of SAP, how large and established corporations continue to innovate, and how SAP adapts to disruptive technologies by working closely with local startups to stay competitive.

Facebook representatives shared the history on the company’s beginnings, their recent workspace expansion and what the evolved office environment offers employees, Facebook’s future plans to continue investing in promising vertical markets, such as virtual reality, and acquisition of hot new companies, similar to their acquisition of Instagram.


One of the most exciting visits in the day was Oracle. The Oracle host was a NTU graduate and was able to provide the current students with firsthand information on his journey to becoming an Oracle employee. The host also gave the students a deeper insight into how Oracle, distinguishes its innovation culture from younger companies like Facebook and Google. Oracle, a mature player within the database software industry, attributes their success to a relentless focus on return on investment and bringing value to their vast customer base. To stay agile and competitive among a sea of disruptive technologies, Oracle places priority on innovation trends that have the potential for longevity within the market.

The students next visited Flextronics, where they were impressed to  learn  that 80% of the world’s wearable technology is manufactured at their labs. Flex Innovation is a lab where anyone can come with an idea, 2,500 Flex technical experts evaluate the idea’s viability, and if the idea has potential, will help make your dream a reality. Flex works with numerous startups to develop various products and helps them sell those products to larger corporations.


The final stop for the day included a startup showcase at Prezi. Nine startups presented their companies through a pitching session to educate the NTU students on what services and products they provide. The students then participated in a startup mixer, where they were able to receive more in depth sessions and ask the startups detailed questions.


The Singaporean guests were accompanied on their visits by SVIC’s President, Andrey Kunov, Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, Attila Danku, and Director of Global Business Development, Marén Thomisch. 1-650-274-0214