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Innovative Marketing: Advice from Silicon Valley Experts

How to create and maintain positive brand experience in the digital era? How to use electronic tools to enhance brand positioning and which tools to choose? What is the latest innovation in digital marketing and how it can help businesses accomplish their goals? “Innovative Marketing” executive training program created by the Silicon Valley Innovation Center provides answers to all these questions, and more. Recent program, which took place on 17-24th of May, gathered unique Silicon Valley experts who gave us priceless insight into digital marketing trends and challenges. Below are some pieces of their advice, right from the lectures of our latest program.

What are the latest trends in digital marketing? Angela Romero from American Marketing Association talked about the most significant trends in marketing in 2014. Multichannel storytelling, content marketing, native advertising, big data, re-targeting, fragmented search and social media are what the marketing specialists worry about most of all these days. In particular, successful content marketing is a tension all over the place. Moreover, as Romero explained, design and content must now extend to the most relevant, powerful and effective channels to connect the right audiences with the right stories at the right times. Multi-channel designs and content must be dynamic and fluid to accommodate various levels of engagement and device capabilities. 78 % of consumers believe that organization providing custom content is interested in building relationships with them. Getting customers engaged with the right types of content can be achieved with proper big data analysis and reaction. For example, movie studios now examine how social media data feeds can be analyzed to better understand public sentiment.

What are the most common marketers’ mistakes? Wendy Toth from Echelon talked about brand positioning and marketing automation. Echelon is a smart energy company; it provides solutions for implications of the Internet-of-things on industrial level, with smart energy grids, street lighting and smart buildings. The company has been exceptionally successful in its digital marketing efforts. According to Echelon expert, a lot of companies fail to do upfront analysis for effective market launch. He suggests you should name at least three unique things your product does; articulate the market stakes and fully understand who your customer is. Then, you should validate the above via user groups, and this is the most common skipped step in Silicon Valley. Wendy Toth showed how Echelon uses marketing automation tools to find “warm” leads: with 92,100 people in database and only 8 salespeople in the team, it managed to generate $91.8M in revenues.

What is emotional marketing? Founder and partner of Step2Global Eva Kryukova talked about a tactic widely used by famous Silicon Valley brands. Emotional marketing is a main part in creating and promoting brands for B2B and B2C segments. B2B marketers have become more customer-centric in promoting brands. Personal attitude and emotional link is even more important for selling a product or a service in B2B segment than in B2C, Kryukova said. Successful brands use various kinds of promo actions to increase performance of marketing campaigns. Things like fliers, scratchers, coupons and point-based loyalty programs proved to be very efficient for any kind of brand. Why are they so successful? Award-based promo actions increase emotional engagement by stimulating customer curiosity. Customer/employee satisfaction leads to increasing brand value. For example, the management of Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver wanted to augment brand value in the eyes of its employees. They created a scratch-and-win program to reward employees who could win small, but pleasant prizes, like $ 5 Starbucks cards. Ms. Kryukova suggests focusing on a game component while creating a promo-campaign: the more points of engagement campaign will have, the more successful it will be in sort and long perspective. Understanding digital trends is crucial for succeeding in today’s noisy marketing environment. The recent Innovative Marketing executive training brought together industry leaders to talk about these trends. Besides Step2Global, Echelon and American Marketing Association, our guests met experts from such companies as Google, SAP, Clickberry, Next Principles, MiMA, Happy Farm Incubator and others. 1-650-274-0214