Innovation In Public Education: Best Practices from Leading U.S. Universities

The Eurasian National University (ENU) of Kazakhstan is one of the largest universities in Kazakhstan with approximately 15,000 students currently attending the institution. Kazakhstan is a very dynamically growing country aspiring to learn from the best practices of the western world, including the principles on which its academic life has been built. The university recently became financially independent and sought to learn the pitfalls and opportunities associated with their new autonomous status.
When asked how Silicon Valley Innovation Center assists such groups, Andrey Kunov, PhD., the president of Silicon Valley Innovation Center said, “SVIC works with many leading companies and universities from around the world to connect them to businesses and academic institutions of Silicon Valley and the US at large. Our mission is to provide innovative programs and events that create a pathway for our clients and partners to navigate Silicon Valley.”11029560_794253150656325_6569517155916428091_o
The 10 day executive training program from Feb.18 to 28 was put on by some of the most influential minds in the educational institution development and innovative technology today. UC Berkeley’s Professor of Strategic Planning and expert in international strategic development for universities and companies, Jack Katz, kicked off the Executive Training Program with “Building a University for the Global Century: Developing a Strategic Plan for University”; a presentation of general models and market strategies for the new competitive university. UC Berkeley’s Assistant Dean, International & Corporate Partnerships Anthony St.George and Assistant Dean, Dat Le from the UC Berkeley College of Engineering conducted a presentation on alumni relations, curriculum and budgeting.
10687875_794257587322548_6937437372030804011_oRepresentatives from Stanford University also taught at the executive training program. Presentations were given by Stanford’s Rania Sanford (PhD, Assistant Vice Provost and Director of Programs, Faculty Development and Diversity), Jeff Wachtel (Senior Assistant to the President), Tom Black (PhD, Head of Registrar’s Office) and Leslie Field (PhD, Consulting Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, founder of SmallTech Consulting).
“The group of high executives from the Eurasian National University of Kazakhstan came to learn how to successfully finance, manage and develop academic programs for a university that functions independently from the government,” said Kunov. “They did so, and in the process they were taught some of the best practices of U.S. colleges on how to succeed as a competitive, sustainable educational institution through international collaboration, various funding initiatives and programs.” 1-650-274-0214