Need to revive your employees’ motivation? There’s a solution. Gamification is a new employee engagement strategy, or an innovative and creative way to motivate workers, making jobs more fun and interesting. The successful technique is what HR world is buzzing about a lot these days. Gamification uses people’s natural qualities, such as desires to compete, win, to achieve goals, and to be loyal and generous to others, in non-game circumstances. It brings out the best motivations for people engaging in such activities. Gartner expects 70 % of Global 2000 organizations to use gamification by 2020. The trend goes far beyond setting up Ping-Pong tables in the workplace and hosting pajamas-style parties. Companies are using digital tools to encourage learning in rewards-based online environments and to track employee’s progress at work. A handful of the most innovative Silicon Valley companies have been using the tactic to increase their employee’s performance. Besides, Bay Area is home to some outstanding companies that develop gamification and engagement platforms. Redwood-based Badgeville is the leading gamification platform that helps business leaders drive key employee and customer behaviors across their web, mobile and enterprise applications. For instance, Deloitte implemented Badgeville’s Game Mechanics to get employees take online courses with Deloitte Leadership Academy despite their busy schedules. The system gave the employees instant feedback of their progress and guided them along clear learning paths. As consultants completed related coursework, they built up reputation that intrinsically motivated them to continuously engage. The result was 47% higher daily return rates and 36 % greater weekly retention. Badgeville offers other behavior-based solutions to improve business processes on all levels. Badgeville’s closest competitor, employee engagement company Bunchball is also located in Redwood. Bunchball launched the gamification industry in 2007 with the introduction of Nitro, the first gamification platform, and continues to lead with 5+ years of R&D and over 400 implementations. For example, Ford Company of Canada used Nitro gamification platform to motivate dealership employees to make more use of the courses and resources available to them by rewarding exploration and demonstration of knowledge gained within a collaborative online community. As a result, from the first day of deployment, the site experienced a burst of activity with over 100,000 unique visits. By week five, actions per user more than doubled, and total actions increased another 60%, as shown on Bunchball’s website. Engagement with the portal increased with all employees, and a positive correlation between engagement and key sales and satisfaction performance indicators was proven. The gamification has impressive power to motivate employees, engage customers, and activate online communities. 1-650-274-0214