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To be closer to the innovation happening in Silicon Valley you don’t necessarily need to overcome all the legislative boundaries and move your headquarters and staff here. SVIC offers much faster and easier way to enter to the U.S. market. Benefits of having a business present at one of the most ingenious and inspirational places of the world, Silicon Valley, include access to remarkable resources and an opportunity to see how new trends emerge. We also chose another five good reasons to open an office in the Bay area.

  • You will gain access to the financial and intellectual resources of Silicon Valley

Opening an office in Silicon Valley isn’t only a way to add to the prestige of your company. The business representation with a proper amount of networking in the Bay Area automatically makes you an easy find for local venture funds, angel investors and marketing specialists from biggest companies. Keep in my mind that most of the business deals still have to go through the traditional hand-shaking stage. That is why being closer to your possible partners is a plus. Also, California’s technology cluster attracts professionals from all around the world, so there’s a plenty of talent out there for you to choose from.

  • You will see more business opportunities for your company in the U.S. and back home

Having a local office also makes it easier for you to partner with American businesses, and most innovative ones are presented within 50 miles of San Francisco. Numerous business events that are held all year round in Silicon Valley will help you gain even more valuable contacts. Besides, the CIS markets are always 3-5 (or even more) years behind the American market, so you will gain insight into what might as well happen in your home country in the nearest future and what business models are likely to spread.

  • You will have access to the famous incubators and accelerators of Silicon Valley

Experience you can obtain participating in educational programs provided by incubators is beyond comparison. No business school can give you the knowledge that you can in the real world of Silicon Valley startups. In addition to that, all your possible mentors and experts will be your neighbors.

  • Tech press will spread the word about you company

Given the well-formed PR strategy, you have all chances to appear in several famous California tech media outlets and will be considered a “Silicon Valley company” (just because you have an office and some staff here). Only one mention of your brand on the pages of, say, TechCrunch, can increase the recognition of your company. In most cases the story will get spread by other media all around the world.

  • Your business will get a boost of energy within the Silicon Valley business climate

With all the sustainable innovation, energy (and money) flows through the veins of the California economic system. You’ll be surprised how dynamic and favorable the local market is. Come join the pool of successful and prosperous companies of Silicon Valley! 1-650-274-0214