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(Part 1) Greg Nudelman: What Is The Best Way To Design Mobile Interface (Video)

Greg Nudelman, CEO of DesignCaffeine, Fortune 500 Advisor, User Experience Strategist: The $1 Prototype – Lean Mobile UX Design and Rapid Innovation for Material Design, iOS8, and RWD

The techniques in $1 Prototype are the EXACT SAME techniques used by Google to create the Material Design ”Digital Paper” and to instruct their very select group of startups at Google Ventures. And now you can take these lean, modern mobile innovation techniques and apply them to your own project.


Ask the why: ‘are we building the right product’, before the how: ‘how to build the product right’
Translate insights from research into design decisions for a brand new or existing product or service
Avoid the common traps that block teams and start-ups from pivoting, especially with opposed business objectives

Style your app or website with the right style for a given component (Spinner, Toolbar, Search, etc.)
Save *months* by designing and prototyping at the same time
Escape the clutches of a “Windows developer” mindset and focus on the unique UX features of mobile-first solutions

Inject the focus on customer outcomes into the core of your team or client relationship
Keep user research lean, accessible and readily available… while eliminating overhead
Ensure that the right people are aware of the results at the right time
Ensure that you remain the project designer, even when everyone “knows” UX

Help your team create a joint set of goals, so decisions come from a shared perspective
Encourage lean “from the gut” calls, while avoiding intractable arguments
Implement lean user feedback into an agile sprint
Phase-match the UX design efforts with code development so they can inter-dependently create together

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