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Big Data for Marketing: Smart Tools for Savvy Managers

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing IT industries, along with online advertising. Data-driven marketing tools constantly evolve, challenging e-marketers to keep up with the pace of innovation. Customer data analysis has made possible things marketers couldn’t even dream of only a decade ago. Now businesses can target specific audiences, track campaign results and connect online data with traditional offline information, understanding each particular customer. But what are the most up-to-date innovative solutions in marketing?

Turn is a global company headquartered in the Silicon Valley offering a shared marketing platform for planning, execution and analytics. As said on their website, scalable data technology centralizes data from any source—offline, online, third-party, or business’ own big data—while intelligent algorithms use that data to deliver more precise advertising. The solution helps to control and organize all data; to refine target audiences; to shape audiences’ experience of the brand, at the same time protecting the brand.

Big data analytics tool allows to “store and immediately query more than 200 attributes for each ad impression served”. Turn’s software is powerful enough to reach nearly 50 % of Internet users.

Teradata  is another large provider of data analytics services for businesses. Data-driven marketing is just one of the areas the company operates. In marketing, what matters most is creating interactions – relevant, meaningful consumer dialogues informed by data, as the company’s website indicates. Among Teradata’s customers are such companies as Coca-Cola, 3M, Ace Hardware, Air Canada, American Red Cross and hundreds of others. In the modern businesses, consumer data approaches petabytes realm. Solutions similar to Teradata’s analytics tools help filter and analyze customer’s preferences and behaviors getting real-time insights into how to better manage campaigns.

Marketo  is a marketing automation company with headquarters in California. Its products range from B2B and B2C applications to marketing management platform. Digital platform helps marketers facilitate coherent customer relations over time; collect and analyze deep behavioral customer data; manage and marketing effectiveness, measuring return on investment and enabling more efficient allocation of marketing budgets. Marketo’s solution allows to cope with the sheer pace and complexity of engaging with customers in real time across the web, email, social media, online and offline events, video, e-commerce storefronts, mobile devices and a variety of other channels. In the world of accelerating change, knowledge is power. Want to find out what types of metrics are developing most dynamically and how to use new capabilities of campaign measurement tools to improve the work of marketing departments? 1-650-274-0214