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The statement that the one who owns information owns the world is being realized by millions of companies all over the world today. Mountains of data are rising on our planet, but if you aren’t able to measure it, comprehend and implement in your business, massive data is going to smash you.

In the same time, if you’ve got the tools of analyzing big data, you can build predictions that have the power to skyrocket your business and even change the business surroundings and rules dramatically. If you can predict, you are the one who determines the rules. Entrepreneurs who pretend to success have to change their way of understanding data in order to not only handle it, but also to take the lead over it.

“Change the state of mind,” Lutz Finger, the pro in understanding big data, advises. And this is going to be his keynote message at the upcoming October event on the topic of big data organized by SVIC. Being the director of Data Science at LinkedIn and former CEO of Fisheye Analytics, Finger has developed his own outstanding expertise in generating a new competitive advantage out of data. While helping governments and various NGOs in sifting their data, he has developed his unique system of understanding big data and social media analytics which he described in his book called Ask. Measure. Learn.

In October, the speaker is going to share the main ideas of his new book written in co-authorship with Soumitra Dutta and probably surprise us with his solution. The catch of the successful managing information is in our minds. Finger believes we should definitely change the state of our minds.

Data is changing our world, and that’s why we have to be ready to change our minds to outstrip it. Lutz Finger is going to teach us how to ASK right questions when managing data, what metrics to use in order to MEASUREdata, and how to assess results and LEARN from them. Finger is sure that the solution starts from the right questions. What do you want to solve? It protects you from being overwhelmed in the beginning of your data crusade.

All companies use social media, and all of them have different sets of needs. But all of them will succeed if they ask real questions: “What to do with the data within their business?” Data is only a tool, but not the reason of the company’s existence. If data isn’t flowing on your watermill, no matter how big are the waters around you are: you won’t move forward. We basically need to learn how to wring data to extract small and actionable advice, and then to make clever “data-driven” decisions. 1-650-274-0214