Silicon Valley
Innovation Outpost

Re-Imagine Corporate Innovation With
Silicon Valley Perspective

Build a Symbiotic Relationship
With Silicon Valley Startup Ecosystem

Establish your presence in Silicon Valley and plug into its ecosystem quickly and efficiently with our turn-key Innovation Outpost As a Service solution. Start monitoring Silicon Valley for new innovative technologies, emerging threats and opportunities and take advantage of the innovations to build new products or invest in start-ups.

Why Establish Innovation Outpost in Silicon Valley

Get connected to one of the world’s most important centers of innovation and technology disruption -Silicon Valley.
Test new disruptive solutions, new business models and technologies that advance your position in the market.
Get a firsthand experience by participating in innovation ecosystems.

What You Get 

Benchmark studies on best practices of successful innovation centers in Silicon Valley.
Administrative creation of the outpost (office space, legal structure, employment contracts, recruitment of the best experts)
Connection to the innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley (corporate innovation labs, startups, accelerators and incubators, VCs, university labs, research institutes)
Organization of business visits and immersion study tours in Silicon Valley.

Why Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Access to most disruptive and innovative companies, innovation labs, top-universities, R&D centers, VC funds.
Vast network of Silicon Valley successful entrepreneurs and corporate partners.
Effective technology scouting process.

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