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Executive Briefings

Connecting Silicon Valley Corporate Executives and Industry Leaders With Global Entrepreneurs and Technology Companies

Spend a day at our Silicon Valley Executive Briefing and experience how digital innovation and emerging technology developments can transform your business. Gain a deeper understanding of how to maintain and sustain a competitive advantage through accelerating and sustaining innovation, collaboration, and strategic partnerships.

Why Host Executive Briefing in Silicon Valley

Immerse yourself in the unique innovation culture of Silicon Valley.
Get firsthand insights from Silicon Valley experts on latest industry trends, emerging technologies and different challenges companies face today.
Get connected to the Silicon Valley community of entrepreneurs and innovators.

What You Get 

Customized program, targeting your specific goals, personalized presentations from industry and innovation leaders, video materials to share with your team members.
Insider’s look at the technologies reshaping your industry and access to the most up to date industry best practices and relevant case studies.
Opportunities for collaboration and corporate development with Silicon Valley key innovators and SVIC corporate clients.

Why Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley with access to Silicon Valley industry-specific tech experts.
Customized discussions built around your business objectives.
Access to most disruptive and innovative companies in Silicon Valley.

Our Innovation Partners

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