Silicon Valley
Corporate Innovation Labs

Tap Into External Talent To Test New

Ideas and Make Prototypes

Estimate Value and ROI Potential Early

In The Development Cycle Manage Innovation Risk By Taking It Outside, Rather Than Keeping It Internally

What Is Silicon Valley Corporate Innovation Lab?

SVIC Corporate Innovation Lab offers our corporate clients the optimal access to the best Silicon Valley practices. From technology scouting to product design and innovation outposts, our focus is on delivering tangible results.

Our Lab’s Services:

Technology Scouting

We’ll scout Silicon Valley technology start-ups and renowned companies for the most promising solutions that meet your needs.We’ll help you identify breakthrough technologies and analyze the opportunities and threats those technologies impose. We help you evaluate, rank, and engage with key executives, industry experts and innovation partners to bring the most promising opportunities to the table.

Technology Scouting
Innovation outpost

Silicon Valley Innovation Outpost

Establish corporate Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley to have your finger on the pulse of the latest trends and cutting edge innovations generated by the Silicon Valley ecosystem, create new products or invest in startups.

Product Design

Tap into external talent that SVIC brings to the table to create proof-of-concepts for innovative digital products and solutions that address corporate challenges.

Product Design
Market Validation

Market Validation

Validate your new idea, product or service early with a panel of early adopters to get detailed feedback to reduce risk of failure, scale quickly and generate qualified sales leads.

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